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4 Reasons Why a Pen Set Makes the Perfect Gift for Dad

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We at Dayspring Pens want to help you nail any and every special occasion (especially birthdays, Christmas, and, of course, Father's Day) for the father in your life, so we recommend a set of personalized pens, a gift that just goes above and beyond.

It's a rewarding experience to see your dad's face change from eager anticipation to a sudden and joyful smile as he unwraps a thoughtful, meaningful gift. Personalized pens are both meaningful and useful, so your dad is sure to keep them as one of his prized possessions while also being functional tools for daily writing tasks.

Signature Engraving on a Cross Townsend Fountain Pen

Why Your Father Will Love Dayspring Pens

Here are some reasons we hear father's love a good pen set from us:

1. Personalization

Your dad will love seeing his name or a short meaningful phrase on his set of pens or on the case they come in.

With Dayspring sets, you can opt to have a name or a message up to 25 characters engraved, so you've got some room to make it really personal. Maybe add a brief line from a poem or book, a family motto, or a Latin phrase that has special significance to you both. Maybe put his name on them in a clear, fluid script so it stands out from his other pens.

The standard engraving fonts offered by Dayspring are Block, Script, and Times fonts.

Example of Engraving font script, block, and times

Standard Engraving Fonts

An engraving can be made on either side of the pen, perfect for both righties and lefties.

2. Function

Personalization is what makes a gift set really special and meaningful, but pens are also really functional tools. And dad's just love function. 

Whether it's a journal, a note for a meeting, a signature, or the Sunday crossword, every dad has a reason to write. So if you give him a set of pens for every occasion, you can pretty much guarantee what his go-to pen will be.

A pen provides the function a father wants for a task he probably does every day.

3. Quality

Dayspring Pens provides a wide variety of luxury writing tools at affordable prices. Luxury pens are more enjoyable than regular single-use pens, and they'll revamp the writing experience for the father in your life. Here's why:

Balance and Weight

Comfortable writing is partly determined by the pen’s balance, so getting a pen with good balance is really key to having a better writing experience.

To find out the balance of a pen, hold it between your index finger and thumb. Now hold it lightly as if you're about to start writing. There shouldn’t be any excessive weight toward the front or back of the pen. Too much weight one way or another often makes for a poor writing experience.

Getting a pen with great balance like the Waterman Expert or the Parker IM will make the pen a go-to choice for a writing instrument.

Weight is therefore also a big factor. Some people like heavier pens, some prefer lighter ones. One pen that's slim but also has a nice weight is the Waterman Hemisphere, but a thicker one which also feels quite light is the Cross Bailey.

It all depends on what the user prefers, but you might be able to quickly intuit what your dad prefers just by knowing the kind of person he is. be sure to check the specifications of the pen you're interested in buying, and compare them to others in order to get the right feel.

Getting the weight and balance right can feel daunting when you first consider it, but trust us when we say that all of the pens offered at Dayspring are incredible tools and are sure to impress.

Barrel Design

The design and material of the pen is something to look out for because you can be sure that others will.

That's to say that a pen is often in other people's view: it's in your hand, it's on the table, it's peeking out from a shirt pocket. You want it to stand out, and you want the father in your life to stand out with it. 

To choose a barrel design, you have to sort of intuit a lot about the person you're buying for (their tastes, sensibilities, and character), and you have to think about how the design speaks to all of that. 

Getting a pen that is mostly black is often a great way to go. It doesn't catch the eye like silver, but pair it with gold trim and it will have a kind of timelessness to it. Silver and brushed steel stand out a lot more; they're perceived as flashy and clean. Solid gold is probably the most impressive.

There's also a ton of other colors and textures to choose from that can really represent your dad's personality really well. 

Different barrels designs are also going to have different weights, balances, and overall feel in the hand, so be sure to pick personalized pen set that fits both the hand and the eye.

Writing Style

Getting a set with two different kinds of writing styles in it will vary your father's writing experience. 

Luxury ballpoints just feel better than single-use ballpoints. Fountain pens add a sense of importance to what you write, and they feel incomparably smoother than most other writing styles.

So let's say you get him a ballpoint and fountain pen set. These writing styles are very different and offer very different experiences. He might use the ballpoint for everyday writing and the fountain pen for special occasions (or vice versa!).

Be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to Writing Styles to learn more about what various writing styles offer in regards to the ease and enjoyment of writing.



4. The Double Deal

Considering which writing styles you should get brings us to the final reason why a set of personalized pens is such a great gift: Your dad gets two pens of different styles so he can vary up his writing game.

Having two different pens, as we said, let's the father in your life have a varied writing experience, but it also shows that you went the extra mile as a gift-giver. 

Buying a set feels less like you tried to "go the cheap route," not that saving money isn't a good thing, but when the feeling of cheapness is communicated through the gift to the recipient, the recipient is going to have a bad taste in their mouth.

Buying a set will help to save you money, but it will also ensure you don't communicate that you just bought them some little pen (however luxurious it may be).

The double deal of the set communicates to the recipient both the value of the gift itself and the personal value that the giver finds in the recipient. It communicates these things in a way that a single pen just can't. 

How I Selected the Perfect Pen Set

Here are some questions to ask yourself when trying to find the perfect pen set for dad:

What’s the Occasion?

Matching the gift to the occasion is the first major hurdle you're going to face.

Is the occasion a birthday? Anniversary? Promotion? Father's Day? Or just an extra special Wednesday? 

For birthday gifts, you can vary things up a bit; maybe a more affordable pen set along with some other personalized gift.

For anniversary gifts, getting a pen set whose material has symbolic meaning for the particular year of marriage adds a whole extra dimension of meaning. You should learn more about anniversary gifts and the meaning behind particular metals for personalized pens.

Which Writing Style Best Fits Dad's Personality and Needs?

The question as to whether your father would prefer a rollerball, ballpoint, or fountain pen is obviously a good one to ask. To best determine this, think about the kind of person he is and the kinds of writing tasks that he enjoys or performs daily. 

Any style of pen you want is probably going offer all of those writing styles, so don't be worried about finding the perfect pen design but the style being unavailable. It'll be there.

We know that making choices like this can be a bit stressful, but actually adding the option of a second pen will help to alleviate your anxiety. One pen means you have one shot to get his preference down, but having two gives him the freedom to make the choice on his own of which pen he'll prefer for which task. It takes a bit of the urgency out of your gift-buying.

We've written a bit about some of this already, but it bares repeating.

Ballpoints are great daily users: the ink dries quickly, doesn't smudge a lot, and lasts longer than either the rollerball or fountain pen.

Rollerballs present a sort of middle-ground between ballpoints and fountain pens with their ballpoint action but water-based ink. They're also great daily users, but they add just a bit of class and clarity to writing. Water-based ink sinks deeper into the page than oil-based ink, so the color of the line has a lot of depth and contrast.

Fountain pens aren't just for fancy occasions; while they're no-doubt the classiest style of personalized pen, they can go the extra mile. Like rollerballs, they have water-based ink, so the line is really dark and compelling and makes a line of poetry immediately ready for publication, but who says you can't also use it to write daily reminders on a Post-It note?


All of these writing style are great, it really just depends on your father's personality and the amount of use he's going to get from his pens. Combining a ballpoint with a fountain pen is a great way to anticipate the wide variety of writing tasks your dad will have.


Find the Perfect Gift Set for Dad!

We at Dayspring Pens can help you find the perfect luxury and custom engraved pen set for the father in your life. 

If a birthday, Father's Day, or Christmas has you frantically wondering about what to get him, we've got your back. The gift of a personalized pen set will really make an impression on him, and we're here to help you do that.


We're sure he’ll be really pleased with his shiny new pen set, and so will you.

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