3 Best Personalized Gifts For Employees in 2023

By Daniel Whitehouse

Man holding personalized arizona pen professional gifts for employees

3 Best Personalized Gifts For Employees in 2023

By Daniel Whitehouse

Man holding personalized arizona pen professional

Gifting is an essential element of social life, and the workplace is no exception. Employee appreciation gifts are a great way to show your staff that you care, and the best employee appreciation gifts for 2023 are ones that they can cherish for a long time.

Your employees are the backbone of your company, so it's important to give them something thoughtful. With this in mind, today, we’ll discuss our favorite employee appreciation gift ideas for 2023.

A Personalized Gift Pen

For those who want to feel like a business executive, personalized pens are the perfect employee appreciation gift. People will always notice a classy pen, and it's one of those small details that leave a lasting impression.

These engraved pens come in elegant cases that look great on any desk. They come in multiple designs, and engraving takes less than a business day. Giving such a uniquely personal gift will show your staff how much they mean to you and that you value their work.

Cross Bailey Black Lacquer Rollerball PenCross Bailey Black Lacquer Rollerball Pen

Cross Classic Ballpoint Pen & Journal Gift Set

One of the finest employee appreciation gifts to give is the old-fashioned ballpoint and journal combo. There's nothing quite like being able to put your ideas into words while traveling through life-changing moments.

This type of desk accessory gives your employees convenience where it matters most without burdening them over unnecessary items such as sticky notes, which often get left at home or are simply hard to find when you urgently need them.

Cross Black Journal and Classic Century Set

Cross Classic Ballpoint Pen & Journal Gift Set

Desktop Clock and Pen Set

Desk accessories are some of the most functional employee recognition gifts you can give. These sets are easy to customize with a company name or logo to make them more attractive and memorable.

Dayspring Pens’ Stinson Clock and Pen set will add a touch of professionalism to the office’s theme, and the custom nameplate can display your employee’s achievements for all to see. Besides, seeing the time at a glance can boost their productivity and help them focus.

Woodmark Stinson Desktop Clock & Pen SetWoodmark Stinson Desktop Clock & Pen Set

A Beautiful Engraved Desk Name Plate 

A beautiful desk name plate is the perfect gift for your employee. It’s not only a classy addition to an office’s theme and overall aesthetics, but it serves to make your employee feel wanted. Almost as if they have a home in your company.

It’s a great recognition gift that can serve as a reminder of your gratitude to your employees throughout the year (while also helping stop anyone forgetting their name!)

Dayspring Pen’s desk name plates come with standard, logo, or signature engraving. You can have either single or double line text in up to three different fonts.

It’s a beautiful and functional gift that allows you to add a personal touch with free custom engraving that will blow your recipient’s mind.

Desk Wedge with TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen on top

Personalized/Engraved Woodmark Rosewood Desk Name Plate with Business Card Holder - Engraving Included

Gifts You Shouldn’t Get Your Employee

There are some gifts you shouldn’t buy for your employees. It's not so much that you're just throwing your money away; it’s the fact that there are people out in this world who will take to heart what an unwanted gift means. Also, it could be seen as a lack of thoughtfulness. Here are some gifts you shouldn't give your employees.


Alcohol is a bad gift because it can give someone the wrong impression. If you want to show your employee that you care, offer something else instead. People have different backgrounds and feelings about alcohol, so it’s important to be careful.

Some people use alcohol to cope with stress or as a socializing tool. While some individuals have no problem keeping their drinking in check, others develop an addiction that can ruin their lives and the lives of those who love them, and you wouldn't want to encourage that.

Food Items

You shouldn’t give food items as a gift because it’s difficult to tell who has an allergy or diet restrictions. In the best of cases, your recipient will just politely thank you for your thoughtfulness and never eat what they receive from you.

In worst-case scenarios, they might get sick if their allergies are ignored. In some instances, people may not even be aware of existing allergies. Therefore, it is advisable to remove food items from your gift list to avoid such situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is it Necessary to Give Gifts to Your Employees?

Whether it's their birthday or employee appreciation day, giving a small gift to your employee is the best way to thank them for all that they do. And you can do this on any special occasion during the year. It’s important to normalize gifting your employees because:

  • It shows recognition.
  • It fosters strong work relationships.
  • It creates a strong company culture.
  • It helps save time and money in the long haul.
  • It’s a morale booster.

How to Choose Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

What's the best employee appreciation day gift for your team? What should you give to show how much they mean to you? While it can be challenging to know which employee appreciation gift ideas will work, there are some practical ways to narrow down the search:

Establish a Motive

The first step is figuring out what you're looking for in a reward and finding something that meets those needs. For example, you may want your employees to feel valued or appreciated without spending a lot of money on them, so find a gift that helps you achieve this.

Factor Employee Opinions

It’s believed that the best employee appreciation gifts are ones that show that you value your employee’s opinions. You can do this by asking for their input to find out what they want or need from the company.

Communicate Your Reasons for Giving Gifts

This year, you should consider telling your employees why you're giving them an employee appreciation reward. Not only will this make it feel more special, but it will also help your office understand your motives and how they can be the best employee possible.

Why You Need to Shop DaySpring Pens for Employee Gifts

Engage the minds of your recipients with Dayspring Pens’ specially crafted gifts. Whether you want to thank a new employee, congratulate someone on their promotion, or just show appreciation in general—we have something for everyone.

Our personalized pens have been featured by Team Building as one of the Top 10 Best Employee Gifts.

Let us help make it personal by adding custom engraving and making our products uniquely yours. Our gifts come already packaged for presentation. We guarantee that your recipient will be delighted by your thoughtful gesture.

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Contact us today to get started designing an employee gift package explicitly tailored to your needs.


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