Dayspring Pens

Cross Peerless Pens and Pen Sets

The pinnacle of luxury design, a personalized Cross Peerless is unmatched in its opulence, form, and function. Mark the special moments with free custom engraving of a name or personal message and free shipping on this exquisite gift pen.       

Originally debuted in 1889, the Peerless has been a staple in the rich history of Cross. Redesigned to fuse the historic model with elements of the Classic line, the Peerless brings attention to every part of the pen with textured patterns, high gloss inlays, and a bezel jewelry setting in Swarovski crystal. Make this landmark gift even more special with custom personalization from Dayspring Pens to add your own touch to a Cross icon. Complete with a variety of writing styles and finishes, the Peerless is the perfect gift for the moments in life worth commemorating such as promotions, golden anniversaries, retirements, and Christmas.