Dayspring Pens

The Dayspring Pens Richmond is a slim-barreled, minimal-profile personalized gift pen, meticulously crafted for our smoothest writing experience yet. Our goal with the Richmond is to offer the highest quality professional-styled gift pen to at the lowest possible cost. So, no matter the budget, the Richmond will be there, and it’s guaranteed to make a great impression every time. 

The Richmond features an understated, sleek design with a tapered grip that contours perfectly between your fingers. The section of the pen is perfectly crafted to sit securely between the fingers and wedge the aft of the barrel near the proximal joint of the thumb. The result is a firm, effortless writing experience usually reserved for only the most luxurious of luxury pens. But this is a pen for everyone.

These personalized pens make excellent engraved gifts for everyone on any occasion, and they’ll prove to be an “everyday carry pen” for every gift recipient. You won’t only be giving a meaningful engraved gift, but also a useful writing tool. This pen makes the perfect gift for corporate professionals like lawyers and bankers, but it also makes a solid everyday carry pen for doctors, teachers, and students. We also think this pen is perfect for professionals who are looking for high-quality promotional gifts to grow their businesses, brands, and corporate identities. Get your company’s logo engraved on the barrel to find better leads and retain the best clients. 

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