How I Found the Perfect Pen to Improve My Handwriting

By Samantha Di Nardo

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How I Found the Perfect Pen to Improve My Handwriting

By Samantha Di Nardo

The best pen for good handwriting can significantly impact one's writing style.

Throughout life, I struggled with inconsistent and messy handwriting. I often neglected to dot the i's or cross the t’s. Worse still, the words danced high above the lines and wandered off the page!

Years later, there was not much of an improvement in my handwriting style.

However, after researching, I discovered the importance of choosing the right pen.

I invested in some quality pens and put in the time to practice - and boom! My handwriting improved. Now, I walk around like a scribe, writing everything I can.

So, how can you improve your handwriting?

It all starts with your pen. (Trust me!)

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What’s in the Best Pen for Good Handwriting?

Nothing is set in stone when it comes to the perfect pen. The right one for you may not be the same choice for me. However, good handwriting is a worthy investment and sourcing the best pens is a big step in the right direction. Dayspring Pens proved a great tool for me and I found what works for my handwriting style.

I’ve identified some markers to help you find the ideal pens to improve your handwriting.

Rate of Ink Drying 

Have you ever written a full page with a fountain pen and in a split second, you swiped your hand over the paper - and the ink smudged? Not exciting at all.


Handwriting Smudging


Different types of ink dry at different rates. If you lack patience and are prone to smudging, you should get a ballpoint pen because the ink dries fast on the paper. This keeps your handwriting neat and impressive.

A good pick is the Waterman Hemisphere Black Ballpoint Pen, going for $69.99. The gold trim not only adds to its sophistication but also the twisty action is a great take on the classic ballpoint.

People assume that ballpoints are basic. But Dayspring Pens are elegant, good for showing off your handwriting, and have a great finish, regardless of the model. 

Smooth Writing Experience

As you improve your handwriting, there’s nothing so frustrating as your pen interrupting the flow and rhythm of your writing. I like a smoother pen, especially when I’m writing on paper for a long time. The best pen for this purpose is a rollerball or gel pen.

These bad boys are smooth as molasses, enabling you to write with less pressure compared to ballpoints. 

My favorite is the Cross Bailey Medalist Selectip Pen, a best seller for its luxe chrome barrel and lifetime mechanical warranty. It will have you rolling through your writing, page after page.

Functionality of the Pen

As I mentioned above, different pens work for different purposes. For everyday use, I prefer ballpoints and gel pens. I like to sign checks and paperwork with fountain pens, for that extra flair.

Many people get pens for special occasions like signing marriage certificates or contracts. The beauty of Dayspring Pens is in the variety. These pens cater to a wide range of handwriting interests including calligraphy. A calligraphy fountain pen is great for writing enthusiasts.

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Personal Touch

What has been most memorable for me in this quest is having personalized pens. Purchasing Dayspring Pens for myself with my name or initials engraved on them not only makes me feel prioritized but also makes my handwriting stand out.

It may sound surprising, but a study by Jie Zen in 2017 explains that consumers often need to feel unique and stand out. As a result, they buy customized goods to satisfy this personal need.


Cross Calais Ballpoint Pen - Blue Lacquer


Cross Calais Ballpoint Pen - Blue Lacquer

How was I Able To Improve My Writing Quickly? 

When I found the ideal pens for me according to my needs, it was easier to put in the work to want to improve my handwriting. Below are some useful pointers to improve your handwriting and take it to the next level. 

Hold Your Pen the Right Way

How you hold your pen influences the quality of your handwriting and how long you can write effectively. Three fingers hold the pen in position; the thumb, the index finger, and the middle finger. The ring and pinky finger stay in place and offer support as you write on the paper.

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Maintaining the right posture also ensures that you write consistently. Your legs should form a 90-degree angle between the seat and the floor to straighten your back. Avoid the urge to lean towards the writing paper - it will negatively affect your handwriting (and your back!).

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Find a Unique Writing Style

There are countless fonts and writing styles out there and it always helps to look up styles that you like. Then, you can write them in your handwriting to create your own style. 

Changing your writing style often may not be helpful - it is more practical to choose one style and perfect it. That consistency helps to improve your handwriting. Open the Pinterest app on your phone to check out different types of writing and settle on what works for you. 

Practice Handwriting Exercises

Practice makes perfect, and it’s the same for handwriting. Doing exercises helps to ensure that you slant and shape letters well.

Every letter counts. Consistent handwriting practice enables you to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. This awareness in practice helped me perfect my handwriting in a few months. 

new american cursiveImage from: pinterest

Here are a couple of exercises that help in improving your handwriting. I love these because they are light and varied. Also, these exercises are convertible into whatever format that works for you - PDF, File, or Docx.

Some of the exercises are for school children and I was able to tap into my inner child and relive the good old days.

Using lined paper is best for these exercises because it improves penmanship and makes practicing easy.

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Consistent Practice

You can do an exercise once or twice but for it to amount to anything, you must cultivate consistency. This handwriting practice builds confidence. You will improve your handwriting in no time. 

It may seem boring to have to sit down daily to write. I decided to make it simple and fun. In every meeting, I volunteer to write minutes (much to the surprise of my boss). In the morning, I write down neat to-do lists and shopping lists.

Other ways I practice include journaling, hand lettering, and writing notes to my loved ones. This made me embrace the practice without feeling like I had to do too much. Always have paper around and make it count.

To jog your memory, here are my favorites Dayspring Pens :

Dayspring Pens Are the Best Pens for Good Handwriting

Deciding to work on my handwriting paid off with diligence and the right choice of pens. Dayspring has a variety of good quality pens at great prices coupled with excellent customer service. That’s why I’m now forever loyal to their brand.

Aside from getting a lovely set of pens for yourself, you should pick up one or two for your friend, boss, or loved one. The catch is, you can get them customized for the occasion - be it Christmas, Thanksgiving, or even graduations. There’s nothing as special as getting elegant pens made just for you.

Buy Dayspring Pens today, for a mélange of excellence, craftsmanship, and unrivaled quality. 

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A graduate of Regent University with a degree in English Literature and a special interest in Old Norse literature, dive deeper into Sam's world and discover why she's your trusted guide in the realm of gift pens.

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