Dayspring Pens

Welcome to Dayspring Pens!

In 1994 our founder started to make handcrafted pens from exotic woods as a hobby and pastime.  Mostly gifts for friends and family, a few pens were offered for sale at local craft shows. As interest grew both locally and online for our handcrafted pens, our founder began partnering with several woodworking shops across America to share their products as well. Though we no longer sell our handmade pens, the original name, Dayspring Pen Shop, reflected our woodworking background in the business.  

Custom Pens

Soon after, a corporation desired a large order of our wood pens engraved with their logo. Our exploration into engraving began! We purchased our first laser engraver back in the mid 1990's, and soon engraving pens became the focal point of our business.  

One engraver led to another, and another, and another as we expanded from wood to metal engraving as well. As the business grew, so did the demand for quality name brand pens. Dayspring began partnering with Cross pensWaterman pens and Parker pens, as well as other suppliers. We have grown to one of the largest distributors of decorated pens for each of these brands and we are proud to partner with these fine companies.

In 2014 we joined with Amazon as one of the first businesses to feature Amazon Custom. This allowed our customers to access our products on the fastest growing marketplace and increased our ability to serve superior accuracy to every pen.

Over the last 30 years, we have shipped out hundreds of thousands of engraved pens to happy customers all over the world. Whether you are looking for a corporate order or a single meaningful gift, we are pleased to deliver your order with the upmost attention to detail. As a small business, we engrave most of our orders in house with fast service and the option of a 1 day engraving time. Customers in today's world deserve that kind of service, and we are delighted to offer it.

We like to say that Dayspring Pens is the 'write' place for custom personalized gifts.