Which Font Should I Choose for Engraving in 2023?

By Samantha Di Nardo

three pens with different engraving fonts

Which Font Should I Choose for Engraving in 2023?

By Samantha Di Nardo

The best personalized gifts reflect something of both the giver and the recipient. That’s why gift giving is every bit as exciting as gift receiving. Especially when it’s a personalized gift

When gifting personalized pens, the most important choice is, of course, the selection of the pen itself. Are you opting for a ballpoint? Or perhaps a fountain pen?

Which brand? What color?

However, once you’ve settled on the perfect pen, there’s one more key finishing touch that you won’t want to overlook: the choice of engraving font. 

Choosing a Font for Personalized Gift Pens 

Dayspring Pens is your expert team for customized engraving of the luxury pens. Because personalization is our specialty, free custom engraving is included with every pen purchase.

Most of our orders are engraved in-house, and we offer the option of one-day engraving times. We use a CO2 or fiber optic laser engraving machine to create precise and permanent engraving that will never fade or wear away.

Thanks to personalized engraving, pens make even more wonderful gifts. They’re elegant, practical, and specially-made for the recipient.

With your personalized pens, you’ll get to choose up to 25 characters of text engraving on the pen cap. Let’s consider how you would like that text to appear.

Font selection helps to determine how a snippet of written language is perceived. You (or the person you’re gifting for) might prefer lettering that’s understated, stylish, or stately.

In this guide, we’ll review the various fonts you can choose from when engraving your personalized pens.

Here are your standard font options:

Engraved Block Font

block engraving font

Engraved Block Font

Want to keep things simple? Block font is the most straightforward choice. It’s also the easiest font to read, thanks to the no-frills letter lines.

Block font is a great choice if you want to personalize your gift but prefer a more subtle display. It’s also an excellent option for engraving a company name on the pen alongside your logo. 

Engraved Script Font

script engraving font

Engraved Script Font

The Script font is elegant and sophisticated. Perhaps select this font if you plan to present a gift pen to an important person. The stylish lettering makes the gift feel more personal and elevates the stature of the pen. 

It can also be considered more romantic if gifting for Valentines Day or a partner.

Engraved Times FontTimes engraving font

Engraved Times Font

Choose the Times font for a classic and stylish look. The lettering is both familiar and distinguished.

If you’re gifting a pen and have any sort of doubt about what font the recipient would prefer, the Times font is your safest bet. 

Engraved Cursive Font

Cursive engraving font

Engraved Cursive Font

Cursive isn’t dead! Well, not for signing your name, anyway. And not for engraving personalized gifts.

Cursive letters take on a stylish feel when engraved on a high-quality pen. The name on the pen when displayed with this font takes on the look of a signature. That makes it a perfect choice for the lettering of first and last names on personalized gift pens.  

Engraved Deluxe Font

Deluxe engraving font

Standard Engraving Fonts

The Woodmark Deluxe Pen and Pencil Set is a special Rosewood ballpoint pen and pencil duo with a personalized case.

The Deluxe font comes standard with this set. It’s a distinguished lettering style that matches perfectly with the look and feel of the pen and pencil. The engraving for this set is a favorite among gift-buyers.

Engraving Custom Gifts: Available Fonts For Each Pen Brand

Have you already made your pen selection? Let’s see which fonts are available for your choice.

Block, Script, and Times font are your standard options, available for all Waterman, Parker, Woodmark, and most Cross pens.

Block, Script, and Times engraving fonts

Here’s the full breakdown of font choices per pen brand:

Pen Brands

Font Choices

Waterman, Parker, Woodmark, and most Cross pens

Cross; available as deep cut, color-filled engraving

Woodmark Deluxe Pen and Pencil Set

If you’re placing a corporate order, order of high quantity, or order with a logo, your font choice isn’t limited to the prescribed selection. Feel free to customize your selection by choosing your preferred font. That way, you can maintain your brand’s standards, personalized on the pens of your choosing. 

Finding the Best Personalized Gifts From Dayspring Pens

Cross Bailey Black Lacquer Ballpoint Pen

The choice of font is a fun detail to decide on while selecting your personalized pens. You’re not just picking out a gift; you’re helping to design it.

For a closer look at each font, peruse our Engraving Fonts page. And be sure to review our Engraving Information section for answers to all of your questions regarding your engraving options. 

For any special occasion, customized gifts are a great way to honor a deserving someone. At Dayspring Pens, there’s no minimum order amount, so personalized pens are an option for father’s day, graduation day, or other individual gifts.

And we’re here for your corporate gifting needs, too. You can order any number of pens, each one customizable with its own text. This makes for great customizable gifts to your staff or teammates.

We carry ballpoint, rollerball, fountain, and gel pens, each in a price range that suits your needs. Visit our online store today to begin designing your personalized gift order.

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