35 Handwriting Styles We Wish We Had

By Daniel Whitehouse

Man writing with a black ballpoint pen in notebook

35 Handwriting Styles We Wish We Had

By Daniel Whitehouse

In a tech-savvy generation, do handwriting styles really matter? Interestingly, psychologist Stanislas Dehaene, a psychologist at the College of France, thinks so.

“When we write, a unique neural circuit is automatically activated. There is a core recognition of the gesture in the written word.”

He strongly believes that writing makes learning easier. So here are 35 handwriting styles to get you back in the groove. The first one will both surprise and inspire you.

Importantly, before jumping into testing out your new handwriting style, make sure you have the tool necessary for the job.

1. Meghan Markle’s Gorgeously Neat Handwriting

Suddenly, it’s crunch time. You’ve been rehearsing all day. But as soon as that audition is over, it’s time to focus on your… calligraphy business. At least that’s Meghan Markle’s story. This cursive font takes you back to a time before the fame and recognition. Grab a best-selling pen today and this could be your story too!

Princess Meghan Markle's handwriting

2. Nice Handwriting on a Checked Notebook

So calm. So controlled. So thin, yet so precise. Just how does he get all those angles right? Every pro needs a good pen. Get started with your very own custom pen from Dayspring Pens. Or why not just go for the complete pen and journal set?

pen writing in notebook

Image from Reddit

3. Futuristic Handwriting Style

Now, picture this. It’s moving day. Everything’s packed up and you’re ready to go. But you live on the 6th floor so you’ll probably tie up the elevators all day. Imagine how easily a thoughtful note can quell your neighbors’ unrest? The right font conveys just the right amount of concern.

futuristic handwriting style

Image from Reddit

4. Aesthetically Pleasing Handwriting Styles

Surprisingly, you never quite expect to think about penmanship at your favorite restaurant. I mean, you’re there to eat, right? This waitress at Blue’s Egg made quite an impression on her customer. The different shapes of her “e” had him questioning her Greek influence. Now that’s something you don’t experience every day!

Make an impression: take a look at some quality Cross pens.

aesthetically pleasing handwriting

Image from Reddit

5. Pretty Punchy Handwriting

If you had a sister who wrote like this, wouldn’t you want to show it off? (Or get her to write a nice valentine card on your behalf?). It took 'baby girl' six months to get a handwriting styles sample she could share with the world. A Dayspring pen is the perfect gift for such a talented sibling. Learn how to choose a luxury gift pen.

pretty punchy handwriting

Image from Reddit

6. Neat and Sloppy Handwriting

Nailing this font probably takes lots of squinting and sitting still, right? No. Not for this waiter who quickly wrote this check while standing. 

neat and sloppy handwriting

Image from Reddit

7. Pretty Impressive Handwriting Styles

Notably, Disneyland, the most fun place on the planet is always bustling with happy people. It’s a wonder that this Starbucks' barista got a minute to write this customer’s name so beautifully, much to her delight. The cursive detail and additional Mickey illustration are quite impressive.

handwriting on a cup

Image from Reddit

8. Former President Barack Obama’s Beautiful Stylish Handwriting

Encouragingly, it’s good to know the thoughtful art of letter writing is still alive. Retired President Barack Obama couldn’t contain his appreciation for Yann Martel’s book, Life of Pi. His neat cursive penmanship says it all. It’s all in the choice of pen.

former President Barack Obama handwriting

Image from Reddit

9. A Different Kind of Nice Handwriting

For instance, have you ever volunteered at an animal shelter? Going a step further to host an adoption day for all the pets gets you such a card with a heartfelt message. Just look at the unique penmanship. As far as handwriting styles go, I think that this is one of the most interesting I've seen. Want to try it out? Get your Dayspring Pen here.

unique handwriting on paper

Image from Imgur

10. Delicious Handwriting

Seriously, who puts this much effort into writing “Salad Bar”? This man’s wife, that’s who. Although he practices using his fountain pens, his signature is the only written form that can almost match up to his wife’s. Writing so good you just want to eat it up!

salad bar

Image from Reddit

11. Structurally Sound Handwriting

This writing is so precise you’d think the writer calculated each letter. That’s Grandpa Steve for you; a retired architect with impressive penmanship. And get this, he’s left-handed too! Just about the coolest grandpa out there. Oddly, all architects appear to have similar handwriting because there’s a stipulated rubric.

penmanship by Grandpa Steve

Image from Reddit

12. Simply Gorgeous Handwriting

In the age of typing, who even asks for handwritten assignments? This annoyed teacher did. Although he explicitly said there would be no extra marks for handwriting, such beautiful penmanship should change his mind, right? And if school doesn’t work out for the writer, they can make a living making wedding invitation cards. Because that capital “T” is a poem in itself!

simply gorgeous handwriting

Image from Reddit

13. Johnny Cash love letter to June Carter Cash

When you’re so used to seeing each other, a thoughtful letter can go a really long way in recreating the original spark between a couple. That’s what Johnny Cash did. Wouldn’t you want to receive this? Or better still, write one? Get started with a customized pen from Dayspring Pens.

Johnny Cash love letter

Image from 9gag

14. Beautifully Handwritten in 1903

A thrift store is the perfect hiding place for little gems like this 117-year-old book with its extraordinary showcase of handwritin styles. Teaching cursive to a group of eager students will be a lot more interesting for this teacher.

1903 handwriting discovered in store

Image from Reddit

15. Amazing Cursive Handwriting Styles

Imagine receiving such a beautiful note about your child’s epic performance. Not only are you thrilled but you’re also uber-confident in her teacher. Get your little girl a customized ballpoint pen from Dayspring pens so she could be just as good (if not better).

teacher's handwriting

Image from Reddit

16. Clean Cursive Handwriting

Imagine reading history notes written in this beautiful font? You wouldn’t forget a thing! The bold cursive really jumps out at you. Boring facts about the sun never looked so good.

17. A Good Pen, a Paper, and Fruits

Fruit never tasted, I mean, looked so yummy! This cursive handwriting brings out the flavor in the fruits’ names. The slow deliberate movements give you just enough time to imagine and salivate.

good pen, a paper, and fruits

Image from Reddit

18. Pretty Japanese Semi-Cursive Handwriting

Japanese symbols don’t just have to be big and bold, they can be pretty too. This semi-cursive Japanese font proves exactly that. Symbols should be a lot easier than words so you’ll probably get this on the first try!

Japanese semi-cursive handwriting

Image from Reddit

19. Exquisite Handwriting in a Beautiful Sheen

Monteverde California Teal never looked so brilliant! It’s a dual-color like dark teal and red sheen. The writer uses a very special pen to achieve the light color at the top and a dark sheening at the bottom where the ink collects. He writes names of places and animals in alphabetical order in an exclusive journal for handwriting styles practice. Such dedication!

dual color writing on paper

Image from Reddit

20. Absolutely Amazing Handwriting

To achieve this, the writer used a special felt tip pen but mastered his cursive writing using regular ballpoint pens. Well, Dayspring Pens promises you customized quality ballpoint pens. 

dramatic letter handwriting

Image from Reddit

21. Neat Cursive Handwriting

It takes quite a bit of focus to write these words along an imaginary straight line. If a regular pen can achieve such beautiful cursive penmanship, just imagine what you can do with a fountain pen from Dayspring Pens?

neat cursive handwriting

Image from Imgur

22. Impressive Cursive Written Backwards

In just two weeks, this cursive wizard taught himself how to write backward (mirror writing). Do you think you have what it takes? Give it a try.

cursive written backwards

Image from Reddit

23. Gorgeous Dreamy Writing

With ten hours of sleep scheduled for finals week, this writer has enough time to update their bullet journal. It takes about 15 to 30 minutes for simple entries and up to three hours for more detailed entries. If you’re going to do all that writing, you might as well use a quality customized pen.

dreamy writing

Image from Reddit

24. Lovely Handwriting of a 97-year-old Grandmother

Age ain’t nothing but a number, some would say. And this granny’s sense of humor is anything but old. She easily expresses herself in writing as she shares some big news with her grandchild.

grandmother's handwritings

Image from Imgur

25. Neatly Handwritten Letter from 2004

This great uncle has nothing but love and great concern for his niece. He takes his time relaying this heartfelt message full of praises for her diplomatic skills. Why don’t you give the typing a rest and write to your great uncle (or aunt)?

2004 neat handwritten letter

Image from Reddit

26. Beautiful Powerwasher Penmanship

Great! Someone can write better with a power washer more than most people can write with a pen. Doesn’t that make you feel a little jealous?

powerwasher penmanship

Image from Reddit

27. Elegant Bedtime Handwriting Styles

Ink makes a huge difference in any piece of writing. It’s the right kind of ink that produced this breathtaking iridescent deep blue hue. The basic properties to look for in fountain pen ink are: feathering, show through, bleeding, water resistance, pigment, flow, lubrication, dry time, iron gall, shading, sheen, and shimmer.

bedtime handwriting

Image from Reddit

28. Honeymoon Handwriting

Imagine starting your honeymoon with such a gorgeous welcome? That’s the recipient’s story and she’s thinking about gifting Juanita, the writer. We think a lovely customized fountain pen is the perfect gift. Of all the handwriting styles this one has a gorgeous flourish in the letters H and W. Shop Dayspring Pens.

honeymoon handwriting

Image from Reddit

29. Excellent Cursive Needs Practice

Look at what a little elementary school in Northern Minnesota produced? The writer wrote exclusively in cursive for the latter half of school. So at grad school, he’s borderline an expert.

excellent cursive

Image from Reddit

30. Attractive Plant Watering Instructions

If you’re going to get something done right, you might as well leave crystal clear instructions. And she left nothing to chance. Who includes illustrations and cursive writing? This roommate does, so she must really love her plants.

plant watering instructions

Image from Reddit

31. Impressive Icing Handwriting Styles

Such precision using frosting. How does he do it? Lots of practice between work and his side business. That’s how. The cursive is so perfect you might reconsider eating the cookies, or not. Maybe you’re not a baker but you can give this a try using a quality pen from Dayspring Pens.

icing on cake

Image from Reddit

32. A Heartfelt Apology

Such lovely penmanship for a heartfelt apology. With neck issues at 5’8’’, you easily forget the pending task of adjusting your monitor. Even we appreciate this apology and we had no part in it!

heartfelt apology letter

Image from Reddit

33. A Neat Handwritten Invoice

Who achieves such neat penmanship on cheap receipt paper? This store owner does. He took his time with this invoice and it really shows. The recipient still can’t figure out which pen he used.

neat handwritten invoice

Image from Reddit

34. Touching Love Letters

This is just one of the hundreds of handwritten letters shared between two love birds during World War 2 that showcases handwriting styles from a bygone era. As a former news clerk, this grandfather shared his deepest thoughts with his beloved. They were only discovered three years after his wife passed on. Now their grandchild gets a window into their lives through a bound booklet. What an enduring love story.

love letter

Image from Reddit

35. A Cursive Blast From the Past

This photo was retrieved from a purse lost in 1957 at Hoover High School in Ohio, now known as Canton Middle School. It belonged to Patti Rumfola who was a teacher and a costume designer in Annapolis, Maryland. Aside from this lovely message by Bonnie, the purse contained five wheat pennies that went to her five children. They each have a lovely keepsake after their mother’s death in 2013 at 72 years old.

lost in 1957 lovely letter by Bonnie

Image from Reddit

So many wonderful ways to immortalize lovely messages. Get started on your handwriting journey today. Don’t go it alone, can you think of anyone who’d also love a good pen?

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Daniel Whitehouse is the President and CEO of Dayspring Pens. He uses his expertise with premium writing utensils to create exceptional, intentional products and craft easy-to-understand articles that help both new and experienced users learn more about their writing tools. He lives in Virginia where he and his wife are raising their four children.

To learn more about him and his insights about custom engraved gift pens, follow Daniel on LinkedIn.


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