The Top 7 Picks for a Graduation Pen (2023)

By Samantha Di Nardo

The Top 7 Picks for a Graduation Pen (2023)

The Top 7 Picks for a Graduation Pen (2023)

By Samantha Di Nardo

Today, we want to share our top 7 picks for the best graduation pen.

Luxury pens are traditional gifts given in celebration of scholarly achievements, and here at Dayspring Pens, our goal is to help you find the best one for your graduate.

Each of these pens includes a free line of custom personalization and free shipping in the USA.

The 7 Best Graduation Pens

1. Cross Classic Century Medalist Pen and Pencil Set

These incredibly well made pen sets, the Classic Centuries have a history of being used for 40+ years after being gifted as a graduation present.

Classic Medalist Ballpoint pen

What you get with a Cross Classic Medalist Set:

  • Twist-action slim barrel ballpoint pen with medium point black ink

  • Twist-action slim barrel mechanical pencil with 0.7mm lead and eraser

  • Lustrous chrome body with 23k gold appointments

  • AT Cross brand Lifetime Mechanical Guarantee against defects

  • Custom engraving is light gold to match appointments

  • Price point: around $120

The small engraving space is framed by detailed ribbing down the barrel and makes the perfect space for a name with new credentials.

2. Parker IM Rollerball Pen

Soft matte blue and shining chrome make the Parker IM Rollerball an amazing medium for the engraved the name of the college they are graduating from or the title of a new business.

hands removing rollerball pen cap

Key features of the Parker IM Rollerball:

  • Capped rollerball pen with medium point liquid ink

  • Powdered matte blue finish with lustrous chrome accents

  • Parker Pens two year warranty against defects

  • Engraved message is silver to match appointments

  • Price point: around $45

The Parker IM rollerball is the prime example of how smoothly a good pen writes and what a useful tool it can be in a new job.

3. Waterman Expert Ballpoint Pen

No other company offers this same level of attention to detail, luxury, and craftsmanship more suitable for this monumental occasion in life than Waterman.

Waterman Expert Ballpoint Pen

The story on the Waterman Expert Ballpoint Pen:

  • Medium point¬†ballpoint pen¬†exudes professionalism

  • High gloss black lacquer finish with 23k gold appointments

  • Waterman three year warranty against defects

  • Personalization look gold

  • Price point: around $135

The cigar shaped, larger barrel of the Expert makes it comfortable to use over long periods of writing from a brand that always delivers quality.

4. Dayspring Pens Monroe Set

Affordable and entry-level the Monroe Pen and Pencil Set gifts the experience of writing with a pen that is ready to help them create, perfect for BAs.

Monroe Gold Ballpoint and Mechanical Pencil Set

The features of the Monroe Set: 

  • Medium, click-action ballpoint and 0.7mm mechanical pencil

  • 18k gold-plated finish and rubber ergonomic grip

  • Three year Dayspring Pens mechanical guarantee

  • Price Point: around $35

Balanced with a modern design, the Monroe is a handy set that will be appreciated for its long engraving space, perfect to a logo or a personal message to your loved ones.

5. Cross Calais Ballpoint Pen

The Cross Calais Ballpoint Pen is a staple for the writing desk of any new professional.

Cross Calais Chrome Ballpoint Pen

Highlights of a Calais Ballpoint:

  • Twist-action ballpoint with medium point black ink

  • Art deco inspiration contrast a tapered silhouette with straight bandings

  • Cross Lifetime Mechanical Warranty

  • Personalization looks light gold

  • Price Point: around $35

Calaises are amazing graduation pens no matter the field your graduate is interested. Simple and versatile, it is ready to write no matter where their lives take them.

6. Waterman Hemisphere Ballpoint Pen

The perfect blend of practicality and luxury, the Waterman Hemisphere Ballpoint is as functional as it is prestigious.

Waterman Hemisphere Ballpoint

What makes the Waterman Hemisphere great:

  • Twist-action ballpoint with Mysterious Blue ink inside the pen

  • High gloss black lacquer, 23k gold appointments, perfectly engraved in gold

  • Three year Waterman warranty

  • Price point: around $75

Parisian elegance meets English practicality in this detailed ballpoint. This same pen has been a staff favorite for a reason, it will last a lifetime as beautiful to look at as it is to write.

7. Dayspring Pens Rosewood Graduation Pen and Gift Box

A themed wooden case pairs perfectly with the matching Rosewood carved ballpoint pen.

Dayspring Rosewood Graduation Pen and Case

Gift a Rosewood Graduation Pen with these features: 

  • Twist-action ballpoint with Cross-style black ink

  • Varnish Rosewood pen with gold bandings and clip and a carved case for a desk

  • Dayspring Pens warranty

  • Price point: around $28

The natural beauty of warm wood offers the perfect space for a custom engraving, matching on both the case and the pen. The most budget-friendly option, this set is all about practical commemoration.

Best Graduation Gift Pens By Degree

Best graduation gift pen for high school:

Coming in under $30 is the Rosewood Pen and Case Set. The cap and scroll emblem commemorate the day, while the pen will write steadily as they go off to college or a career.

Best pen to give for a college graduation:

A smooth writer, the Parker IM Rollerball is best for a college graduation present for its durable finish, affordable luxury touches, and the Parker name which means reliability. This pen wont break the bank, but offers the finesse and class that perfectly highlights the day.

Best pen to give for a postgraduate graduation:

Look no further than the Waterman Expert Fountain Pen as a gift for Masters and Doctoral graduates. Postgraduate work is rigorous and extensive making the graduation a true celebration. Waterman offers the prestige and premium finishes that make this pen a declaration of achievement.

Best graduation gift pen for a law student:

Practical and impressive to look at, the Waterman Hemisphere ballpoint fits easily in a pocket or briefcase, will always be ready to write and sign, and will look impressive in the conference room

Best gift pen to give to a medical student:

Classic Century Medalist Set is versatile and durable. Slim enough for a lab coat and available with a special medical emblem on the clip, this set offers a subtle space for engraving that will help them keep track of the pen while doing rounds.

People also ask...

How much money should you give for graduation gifts?

  • 25 high school

  • 50-100 college

  • 100-500 post doc

Is a pen a good graduation gift?

A pen is the perfect graduation gift since it gives something practical they can use as they move forward with their degree.

Pen selection and price can also be matched to the gravitas of the ceremony and the accomplishment.

What are other traditional gifts for graduation?

Traditional graduation gifts include: a briefcase, a class ring, framed diploma, a practical house warming present, or money.

The goal of a graduation gift is to give something that either commemorates the achievement or helps set them up for the future (ideally both!). 

What's a good last-minute graduation gift?

In a time crunch, money is always considered a good last-minute graduation gift since it helps fund their future endeavors.


That's it for our list of graduation pens and tips for finding the best personalized graduation presents. 

What's your favorite thing to give for graduation? 

Leave a comment below! 

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