How to Replace Lead in Dayspring Mechanical Pencils (2023)

By Samantha Di Nardo

How to Replace Lead in Dayspring Mechanical Pencils (2023)

How to Replace Lead in Dayspring Mechanical Pencils (2023)

By Samantha Di Nardo

If you're wondering how to replace the lead in any of the mechanical pencils offered by Dayspring Pens, it's easy!

In this article, we will tackle in a step by step guide how to refill the lead in the Rosewood, Monroe, and the Richmond mechanical pencils.

The Rosewood Mechanical Pencil

Up first, we have the Rosewood Mechanical Pencil.

This is by far the most complex lead refill process so we have included a video that will help demonstrate the process below.

  1. Remove the cap and the tip. 
  2. Remove the eraser holder that was under the cap to get a new piece of lead out of the storage area.
  3. Now screw the mechanism all the way out to be sure that that is no lead in the tip end. You do this by turning it to the right. There is a very small brass piece that will appear.  
  4. NOTE: If you broke a piece of lead in the pencil, you will have get that out. There is a spring that grabs the lead and a broken off piece of lead will prevent the new stick from going in the spring. (Here is how
  5. Now, turn the cylinder back a little until the smallest brass piece in the tip goes back in a bit. 
  6. Insert new lead into the point, it will grab.
  7. Turn the new lead into the pencil 

The Monroe Mechanical Pencil

Next, we have the Monroe Mechanical Pencil.

This pen follows the simple, classic mechanical pencil refill process.

  1. Remove the gold cap of the clip mechanism by pulling it straight off from the cap. (This will expose the eraser.)
  2. Pull the eraser off from the pen.
  3. Insert 0.7mm lead into the visible hole. 
  4. Replace eraser and cap and click the pen until the lead appears in the tip.

The Richmond Mechanical Pencil

Lastly, how to replace the lead on the Richmond Mechanical Pencil

Though maintaining the simple put lead in the hopper method, the Richmond does require some steps to expose the lead reservoir.

  1. Pull the cap directly off from the barrel of the pen. 
  2. Unscrew the exposed cylinder counterclockwise to remove. (This will expose a black plastic tip.)
  3. Pull the ridged black tip directly off the barrel and insert 0.7mm lead into the opening.
  4. Replace the black tip, screw the silver cylinder back on, and push the cap back into place.
  5. Click the twist-action mechanism until the lead descends out of the writing tip. 


There you go! I hope this article cleared that up for you!

If any of this guide has left you unsure of what to do or if you have any questions about the process, please leave a comment below so we can make this article as clear and helpful as possible.

If you are interested in trying out any of these mechanical pencils, each comes with a free line of custom engraving and ships for free in the United States.

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