Abbreviations and Acronyms for Occupations: A Complete List of Official Short Titles

By Daniel Whitehouse

Person writing using personalized pen

Abbreviations and Acronyms for Occupations: A Complete List of Official Short Titles

By Daniel Whitehouse

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, who took over the task of counting jobs, now lists 50 health care and medical professions alone.

Professional workers in the 21st century account for 24% of all employees. All those jobs mean two things for us here at Dayspring:

  • Opportunities to award and reward employees with our personalized, engraved, “fancy pants” pens and fine writing implements
  • AND

  • A plethora of acronyms and abbreviations for all those jobs and positions to include in those engravings
  • That’s what this article is here to help you with—getting all those occupational acronyms and abbreviations right.

    Now, we realize we can’t give you every abbreviation and acronym for every occupation. There are over 4,000 recognized “official” ones, after all.

    Instead, what we have done is chosen the more popular and/or commonly used ones from the following fields:

  • Medical
  • Management
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Sales and Marketing
  • IT
  • Let’s get this ball rolling, shall we? 

    Medical Occupation Abbreviations and Acronyms

    Doctor of Medicine MD
    Nurse Practitioner CRNP
    Registered Nurse RN
    Licensed Practical Nurse LPN
    Certified Nursing Assistant/Aide CNA
    Doctor of Dental Surgery DDS
    Registered Dietician RD
    Physical Therapist PT
    Emergency Medical Technician EMT
    Veterinarian DVM

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    Key Management Team Members

    Your business can’t run without the leadership at the top. They deserve all the credit and rewards you can heap upon them for keeping your management system and your firm going strong day after day. 

    Here are some of their more commonly used acronyms and abbreviations.

    Chief Executive Officer (the BIG boss) CEO
    Chief Operating Officer (the almost Big Boss) COO
    Chief Finance Officer (the money boss) CFO
    Chief Marketing Officer (the ad boss) CMO
    Chief Information Officer (the data boss) CIO

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    Finance and Accounting Abbreviations and Acronyms

    Bean counters. Penny Processors. Number crunchers. Your finance and accounting professionals have their own “fun” names and terms for themselves and their department.

    And while an acronym like “Acct.” might be on the door or business card, there are many other recognized acronyms and abbreviations for these ledger-loving folks. Here’s a table with some of the more common ones.

    Chief Accounting Officer CAO
    Chartered Financial Analyst CFA
    Certified Internal Auditor CIA
    Enrolled Agent EA
    Certified Public Accountant CPA
    Certified Financial Manager CFM
    Certified Management Accountant CMA
    Licensed Stock Broker/Dealer BD
    Certified Payroll Professional CPP
    Certified Financial Planner CFP
    Registered Investment Advisor RIA
    Qualified (Independent) Underwriter QA/QIA
    Chief Compliance Officer CCO

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    Abbreviations and Acronyms for Sales and Marketing Professionals

    No business can thrive without customers, and the network of people who bring in those customers through sales and marketing are invaluable to every firm, from the mom-and-pop on the corner to the Fortune 100s.

    Whether you’re one of those on the corner or in the corner office 80 floors up, rewarding your sales and marketing network of champions with personalized engraved pens is always a smart action to take.

    Here are some common abbreviations and acronyms for those whose occupation is getting customers through your door.

    Chief Marketing Officer CMO
    Account Executive AE
    Account Manager AM
    Director of Sales DoS
    Business Development Representative BDR
    Marketing Qualification Representative MQR
    Lead Development Representative LDR
    Sales Development Representative SDR
    Social Media Manager/Marketer SMM

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    Salie customer review

    Information Technology Abbreviations and Acronyms

    Your “geek squad” is made up of individuals who are highly trained, highly skilled, and, yes, typically just a little geeky-nerdy on the side.

    That shouldn’t stop you from recognizing their contributions to your business’s safety, security, and success.

    This table shows you most of the more common IT occupation abbreviations and acronyms to take the glitches out of engraving their personalized pen gifts.

    Chief Information Officer CIO
    Chief Security Officer CSO
    Certified Systems Administrator CSA
    Certified Professional App Developer CPAD
    Computer Emergency Readiness Team CERT
    Certified Information Technology Professional CITP
    Certified Systems Engineer CSE
    Computer Science Professional Engineer CSPE
    A certified technician who can diagnose, repair, and administer both hardware and software systems CompTIA A+
    Database Administer DBA

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    Some FAQs About Our Gift Pens

    While we’ve given you plenty of info about abbreviations and acronyms for members of your company, and even some awesome (if we do say so ourselves) ideas for personalized engraved gift pens, you may still have a few questions.

    We’ll try to answer them for you, but if you have more, please leave us a comment below or contact our wonderful customer service representatives (CSRs). 

    How long does it take to engrave a gift pen?

    It takes less than a day to engrave one gift pen. Bulk orders for an entire team or department will naturally take a bit longer due to the larger number of pens ordered. 

    What happens if something is wrong with my order?

    We try our best, but we’re only human, and sometimes things do go wonky. Simply call, email, or use our contact form and we’ll do our best to correct the issue. Here’s one customer’s experience with us:

    Gabriela customer review
    Gabriela | Customer Review

    Oops! I forgot my ______’s big day. Do you do rush orders? 

    Yes, we do! You can learn all about our Rush Order One Day Business Service. Don’t fret about your forgetfulness. We’ve got your back.

    And with that, we’re through for today. Any questions, comments, folks we forgot? Let us know below, please.


    Daniel Whitehouse is the President and CEO of Dayspring Pens. He uses his expertise with premium writing utensils to create exceptional, intentional products and craft easy-to-understand articles that help both new and experienced users learn more about their writing tools. He lives in Virginia where he and his wife are raising their four children.

    To learn more about him and his insights about custom engraved gift pens, follow Daniel on LinkedIn.


    @TinaHambelton Interesting question! A tax attorney is a specialized type of lawyer so they have the acronym of a lawyer (Esq., Atty., or JD). Hope this helps!

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