6 Reasons Why Personalized Pens are the Best Gift for the Newly Hired

By Samantha Di Nardo

Richmond Matte black pen personalized pen

6 Reasons Why Personalized Pens are the Best Gift for the Newly Hired

By Samantha Di Nardo

You thought of it.

You almost suggested it to others.

But you’re not sure it’s the best way to say “Congratulations on the new job”.

That’s why you’re here, trying to decide if you should move to other new job gift ideas, or keep this one.

Hold on.

What if I tell you it’s a fantastic idea?

Whether you’re the employer, colleague, friend or family to the new hire, a personalized pen sits well as a new job gift.

Round 1: When We Say Personalized Pen, What do We Mean?

Personalizing a pen is not limited to inscribing someone’s name on it. It could be any other detail that tailors it to one's individuality such as engraved signatures, clip emblems and custom colors.

I’ve written more on the types of custom pens in this article—Engraved Pens: The Definitive Guide to Buying A Customized Gift.

But for today's discussion, my advantages cover all kinds of customized pens.

So long as it has something peculiar to the new employee, it'll make a substantial gift. That's what I'm saying!

Cross click pen and engraved journal


Round 2: Why a Personalized Pen is the Best Gift From an Employer to a New Hire

A. They Would Either Love It, Need It, or Both 

How to select a suitable gift for someone you don’t know that much about? Target items that most people love and/or need. Just like a customized pen.

You could be singing Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville’s “I Don’t Know Much”. But here is one thing you know—customized items are still a frenzy this year.

And that may be all you need to know.

Research by Deloitte proved that over 50% of consumers will pay and wait more, just to purchase an item that is unique to them. Also, one in two consumers agreed that a personalized item would make a splendid gift.

So most people love custom goods. You’re at least 80% sure of this. The remaining 20% uncertainty can condole on the fact that if it’s not loved, it'll be needed.

Whether the new hire is in the tech department, finance or procurement, a pen is a viable work tool.

In this digital age, we may not need it as much as before, but it isn’t unnecessary either. One document must be signed at some point, something must be scribbled no matter the nature of the job.

B. It Makes Them Feel Super-Duper Welcome

We have to agree, some welcome gifts say “We thought you wouldn’t make it” more than “Welcome!”

Like when you take something out of the store or order a (cold) dish at the last minute.

A better way to welcome the new staff is with a pen that has their name, signature or position on it. 

Cross Townsend Fountain Pen Black Gold Trim

Custom Signature Engraving

It tells them you took time to prepare it, and that makes them feel special and appreciated.

This could calm their nerves and boost productivity, even on the first day.

C. It’s a Marketing Tool

Yes, customized pens could be a tool for publicizing your brand and I'll tell you how.

Simply engrave your company name/logo beside the recipient’s name (or any other detail of theirs that you want on the pen). You could even opt for a clip emblem, as pictured below:

Cross pen with Pepsi clip emblem

Decoration Styles

Either way, it'll be unique to the new employee while speaking for your company at the same time.

Fancy your employee saying "My boss gave me that" when people see it with him.

Two things will impress business partners, clients and potential clients:

  • How you value your employees
  • How you aim for quality and uniqueness. 

This impression builds trust among clients and partners. It also calls in potential clients, as they’ll be curious to know more about your company.

And considering a pen is easier to carry around than other new job gift ideas like notebooks or office files, it’s likely to achieve this goal faster.

Cross Calais ballpoint pen

Logo Engraved Pens

D. Class & Quality

According to Marketwatch, consumers who need to write, recently insisted on a quality and luxury writing tool.

What's more luxurious than walking around with a pen that is specific to me?

And since engraving and clip emblems only work on luxury pens, you have no worries as to its quality.

It's a two-in-one package and the newbie will be proud to be on your team.

Most businesses adapt to the recent culture of employee and promotional gifts. But not every brand will pay attention to detail such as quality, elegance and what’s this? A specific engraving! 

Round 3: Other Advantages Of These New Job Gift Ideas

This discussion doesn't favor employers alone.

A friend or family might want to celebrate the occasion. Even a colleague may long to say congratulations.

So let’s discuss some general advantages to a personalized pen, irrespective of who is giving it.

A. It’s Dynamic

In gift-giving, the relationship with the celebrant matters a lot. And for new job gifts, it matters more

An overt present from a boss or colleague might spike the wrong impression, while a plain one from a close relation might cause disappointment.

But with a custom pen, no one has gone too far nor stooped too low.

If you’re the boss or colleague, an engraved pen is professional, simple, and thoughtful.

Yet if you’re family, the same engraved pen, or any other customized one could mean something else entirely. By going for a gift that’s unique to them, you communicate love and sacrifice.

These gift ideas are the real shapeshifters.

B. Time & Piggy Banks Are Left Unbroken 

Set aside the piggy bank—not all custom pens are expensive. Some go below $35.

Black Lumen LightUp Pen with Logo

The Lumen Light Up Pen - Black 



Also, the art of engraving takes less than one business day.

So if you’re pressed for time yet don’t want to settle for something common or of inferior quality, you could still celebrate the occasion with engraved custom pens.

Only a few engravings can’t be done in a rush.

Round 4: Time to Address Your Questions

A. Engrave, Imprint, Custom Design or Emblem? 

The various personalized pens might have you wondering which to go for.

If you’re an employer or colleague to the new hire, I’ll advise you to opt for engraved pens or clip emblems—they are more professional.

Imprinting does the same as these two, but it's of lower quality and style. The printed words could wipe off anytime. I won't advise it, unless you're on a strict budget.

And if you’re a close relation, you could go the extra mile with a custom design.

B. Which Pen is The Perfect One to Personalize? 

The “perfect pen” largely depends on writing style and purpose.

Some pens such as the ballpoint, suit all writing styles and can be used at work.

A pen set allows the recipient to explore different options, as they also may not be sure which best suits their writing.

Here is a further guide to selecting corporate gift pens.

And here's your guide to everything there is to know about engraved pens

C. How to Present a Personalized Pen? 

Pens are best presented in a gift box or a beautiful case.

Ours at Dayspring come in a ready-to-give gift box.

You could also engrave a pen case or a desk palette to tag along.


Even if you haven’t yet decided on what your new job gift would be, I hope you've developed some ideas moving forward. 

When you decide, we’re here for you.

Sam Di Nardo

Sam Di Nardo is an author for Dayspring Pens, where she has honed her expertise in ballpoint, rollerball, gel and fountain pens since joining the team in 2018.

From her initial role as an Engraver to becoming the Production Manager, Sam's journey has been marked by her passion for the history, manufacturing, and the unique value of gifted writing instruments.

A graduate of Regent University with a degree in English Literature and a special interest in Old Norse literature, dive deeper into Sam's world and discover why she's your trusted guide in the realm of gift pens.

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