What Should I Get an Employee on Their Last Day?: 4 Gift Ideas

By Daniel Whitehouse

Luxury pen resting on notebook paper gift for employee

What Should I Get an Employee on Their Last Day?: 4 Gift Ideas

By Daniel Whitehouse

Regardless of how at peace they are with their decision, the last days for an exiting employee can be pretty nerve-wracking. 

Without a smooth and commemorative farewell, there’s a good chance the exiting employee might end up feeling unappreciated, and staff morale could take a hit.

Not many employers have a sustained tradition of going all out for their departing employees. But the few who do, understand that it’s important to make an employee’s send-off a memorable one. 

It’s not enough to simply sign their recommendation letter and bid them adieu. Most employers who pride themselves on taking care of their employees understand this, and the convention for such an employer is usually to get the departing employee a parting gift. 

At Dayspring Pens, we believe the pen, as with other everyday stationery, can be as much an office tool as it is a way to express appreciation to another.

If you’re keen on showing your employee how much you value them but are stumped about what to give them, we’ve prepared a list of gifts you might want to consider.

But first things first: 

Things to Consider Before Getting a Gift for Your Exiting Employee

Company Policies

Depending on the specific rule set adopted by your company, you may be able to splurge on your exiting employee. Or you might be forced to limit your gift to a set price threshold. 

No need to go all Patrick Bateman and get a gift with shell parts that have been forged in deep Mongolian sea caves. 

Our advice? Check with the company rulebook to determine the set limits of gifting, so your item won’t end up being returned.

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The Employee’s Interests

Deciding on what to buy is a big challenge when it comes to gift-giving

In most cases, you might now know your employees on a truly personal level. Your best bet is to try and be privy to clues that your employee may share about what they like, their hobbies, etc. 

These tidbits of information will give you an idea of what to buy. A frequent traveler will greatly appreciate practical gifts such as personalized flash drives or travel bags. At the same time, someone obsessive about punctuality might love a clock and pen-holder set.

Nature of Work: Field? Working from Home? 

It wouldn’t make much sense to get a foot hammock as a gift for a field worker, i.e., an employee rarely ever seated at their station. 

Likewise, it would make even less sense to get a construction helmet for your soon-to-be ex-accountant. Unless, of course, it was meant to serve as the punchline to a company in-joke, in which case that would be a valid exception.

Quality, Packaging & Personalization

Gifts that you give your employees must always reflect on you and your company’s image. This means that you need to put some thought and effort into choosing the best possible gift. 

Just as important to choosing the right gift is presentation. The packaging of the item itself will say a lot about how you feel about your exiting employee. Spending time and money on how your gift is presented will show much you valued your professional relationship.

4 Employee Gift Ideas to Choose From

A Fancy, Well-Designed Pen 

OUR PICK: Cross Century II Pen


Cross Century II Rollerball Pen - Black Lacquer


Century II Black Gold Trim Rollerball Pen

If your exiting employee spots a palate that sways in the direction of classy, this pen should do it.

The richest, smoothest writing experience, a pen worthy of your signature! Dayspring Pens offers a personalized Cross Century II that’ll stand head and shoulders above every other rollerball pen.

Plated in opulent 23-carat gold with matching appointments, the pen is a statement of purpose and taste, perfect for the distinguished professional. Liquid-based ink and a rollerball tip mean that this pen will positively glide across paper, effortlessly tracing clear, bold lines.

It’s one of the most impressive writing instruments ever produced and, with a custom engraving by Dayspring Pens, would make an absolute sentimental treasure for an exiting employee.



A Desk Nameplate 

OUR PICK: Woodmark Rosewood Desk Name Plate with Business Card Holder

Desk Wedge with Business Card Holder

Personalized/Engraved Woodmark

Perhaps your employee just got their own office at a new firm. A custom engraved rosewood nameplate is just the ticket!

With this, they can place their very own business cards in the slot, add their name and credentials to the nameplate, and then place it on their desk for everyone to see. 

It comes with a rosewood finish, and you can custom engrave it with brilliant gold against its glossy black. This desk nameplate would make an excellent gift for employees who just clinched a promotion.

A Pen + Case Set

Our Pick: Deluxe Rosewood Pen and Pencil Set with Case


Deluxe Rosewood Pen and Pencil Set with Case next to a leather padfolio


The pen is comfortable with a medium barrel size, reliable, and long-lasting, perfect for uninterrupted daily use and is perfectly complimented with a 0.9mm lead pencil. 

You can put your custom company logo engraving on both the pen and the case and make this a gift pen your recipient will be sure to remember for years to come.

It features a twist-action ballpoint pen and pencil in a matching rosewood case; a rosewood finish with gold accents and black ink; and can be personalized with his or her name engraved in black on the pens and case.

A Padfolio

Our pick: The Dayspring Pens Natural Leather Padfolio

The A4 Natural Leather Padfolio with an Abingdon Blue Rollerball

Dayspring Pens A4 Natural Leather Padfolio

In this simple, yet elegant design, this journal lets you carry and display your pen with style. 

Available in a small A5 and a large A4 size, the padfolio features a high-quality brown leather with an adjustable clasp and a slot for papers and a pen. Inside, you’ll find 40 pages of heavy 100 gram dot paper, perforated for ease and flexibility in note-taking, journaling, or sketching.

The padfolio comes with custom engraving inside the padfolio.

Other creative options for a great gift: 

  • A supermarket gift card
  • A wine/gift basket
  • A signed company-personalized card

  • Personalize a Farewell Gift With Dayspring Pens

    Whether you’re searching for a meaningful gift for someone who’s retiring or moving on up the corporate ladder, Dayspring Pens is here to provide you with the right luxury pens and exemplary customer service to match. 

    Our personalized pens have been featured by Team Building as one of the Top 10 Best Employee Gifts.

    We have a great selection of personalized and corporate gift pens for any occasion, from milestone anniversaries, birthdays, or bar mitzvahs to corporate celebrations, graduations, and promotions. 

    We have a fixed engraving time of 5 days and a reliable support team to help you find just the right gift. And, if you ever need a personal, affordable luxurious gift in a hurry, we also offer fast delivery of 1-day rush pens.

    We boast a wide selection of AT Cross, Parker, and Waterman pens available fast with our One Business Day Rush Production option. 


    Daniel Whitehouse is the President and CEO of Dayspring Pens. He uses his expertise with premium writing utensils to create exceptional, intentional products and craft easy-to-understand articles that help both new and experienced users learn more about their writing tools. He lives in Virginia where he and his wife are raising their four children.

    To learn more about him and his insights about custom engraved gift pens, follow Daniel on LinkedIn.

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