How Do You Gift a Pen?: 3 Things to Do After Ordering a Personalized Gift

By Samantha Di Nardo

Personalized Gift Pens on engraved journal

How Do You Gift a Pen?: 3 Things to Do After Ordering a Personalized Gift

By Samantha Di Nardo

Personalized engraved pens are memorable reminders of special moments in our lives and an effective way to communicate that we appreciate others. However, you might be wondering "How do you gift a pen?"

You already know that a personalized engraved pen with custom writingshows you care and listen to the giftee.

However, is there anything else left to do once you order the engraved pen—besides waiting by the window for a mailman to arrive with your package?

Well, you could do just that or use 10 days (or a day if you opted for our rush production option) to get everything ready for your gift once it arrives.

As we’re engraving your pen and doing all the behind the scenes work at our shop, such as sending you confirmations that orders are received, and the item is shipped, you can:

  • Prepare a wrapping for your gift pen
  • Think of a note
  • Consider a gift-giving etiquette (AKA form a plan to avoid awkward gifting moments)

Let’s get right into the details.

How to Present a Gift Pen?

Three popular options for presenting and elevating pens and pencils as gifts are:

  • Ribbons
  • Wrapping paper
  • Gift bags


We package our personalized pens in gift boxes or cases, so adding a ribbon is a simple yet effective touch to make the gift even more elegant.

Besides looking nice, tying them around the casing creates the space for you to tuck in your thoughtful gift message.

Parker Premier Ballpoint Pen - Black with pen case

Parker Premier Ballpoint Pen - Black

Ribbons are available in any craft store in a variety of materials and colors.

Choose tones that match the casing or festive occasion. Contrasting colors or darker shades of the casing highlight gifts the most.

As for materials, go for satin, cloth, or braided cords to match the elegant aesthetic of our engraved pens.

Wrapping Paper

People love unwrapping as it’s another layer of your gift that builds anticipation, excitement and makes it look thoughtful and beautiful.

When picking a wrapping paper, consider:

Occasion Materials Wrapping Difficulty

  • Festive wrapping paper featuring suitable patterns and color schemes for holidays (e.g., green and red for Christmas)
  • Birthday/wedding themed wrapping paper

  • Glossy/matt (plastic) wrapping paper available in varied colors and prints
  • Eco materials (recycled paper or plant-based fabrics) for environmentally friendly companies and gift receivers

  • Thin (cheap) paper tears and creases easily
  • Thick paper cannot stay together when glued with a tape
  • High-quality paper that’s not too dense is easy to work with

As our engraved pens arrive in a casing, it’s easier to wrap them than irregularly shaped presents.

Watch this video to get the idea of how to wrap perfectly shaped presents such as casings containing engraved pens:


Gift Bags

If you’re not a skillful gift wrapper or have prepared more than one present for your loved one or a co-worker, buying a gift bag is an easy way to make everything look organized.

Gift bags are also another opportunity to choose festive colors for holidays or incorporate the color scheme (and logo) of your company in your gift.

 Pro tip: Put the tissue in the gift bag to complete the exclusive look. Placing two sheets of tissue and folding them over the casing with personalized pens should do the trick.


Should You Include a Note With Your Personalized Gift Pen?

We would definitely advise you to add a personalized gift note to your present because there’s always more to say beyond what we’ve engraved with the latest laser technology.

Cross Classic Century Pen & Pencil Set - Black
Cross Classic Century Pen & Pencil Set - Black

Also, the recipient will know who the gift is from if it ends up in the same pile as others they’ll go through later.

We have an option to include a gift message with a pen, but many customers prefer to make them themselves—unless we send them straight to the recipient.

How to Write a Gift Note?

Keep this in mind as you write up a gift message:

  • It doesn’t have to be a long one, just a thoughtful one.
  • A message can be simple, don’t stress if it's not the best writing you’ve ever done.
  • Take time to write personalized gift notes—don’t do it last minute.
  • Handwritten notes are the best option, even if your handwriting isn’t perfect.

Depending on the occasion, you can include a quote, a poem, anecdote, or a single line that expresses hopes and wishes for the person in the pivotal moments in their lives.

How to Nail a Gift Giving Etiquette?

After your gift message is ready and it’s neatly wrapped in festive paper or tied with a bow, have in mind when, how, and to whom you’re sending or giving ballpoint pens.

Here are some dos and don’ts of appropriate gift-giving.

When Should You Give a Gift?

The day of the event or occasion is the best time, but you can give early if the person won’t be in the same town on the day of the festivity.

If you’re late with your gift, it’s still okay to give a belated present. But don’t wait weeks that turn into months and then years, making it way too late and awkward.

It also depends on the occasion. For example, wedding gifts are less time-sensitive, and you can be a month late.

How to Gift Engraved Pens?

You can send personalized ballpoint pens by post or give them in person.

Many ballpoint pens we engraved were sent directly to the recipient in 2024. We remove the price tags and engrave pens based on instructions.

You just have to get the timing right to ensure it gets there on time.

Also, ensure you choose a gift message option right away if we’re sending the pen directly to the giftee.

For gift-giving in person, avoid giving the present in front of everyone. In some instances, if you don’t have a gift for others or if the person is shy, it could make the situation uncomfortable.

What Should You Say When Gifting Pens and Pencils?

For close friends and members of your family, you don’t have to write up entire scripts of what you’re going to say during gifting, but it’s different in corporate environments.

To avoid automatically saying “you too” once your boss or co-worker expresses their thanks for the gift, think of what you’ll say in advance to avoid awkward situations.

Keep it simple. Depending on the occasion, congratulate them while giving the gift or say you hope they like/enjoy the gift.

What Kind of Gift Giver Is the Recipient of Personalized Pens?

Some people are awkward gift receivers because they don’t like to celebrate (not even important moments in their lives) or be a focal point of attention.

However, they’ll appreciate that you took the time to order them a unique gift made especially for them.


Graduation Themed Rosewood Pen & Pencil Set

Graduation Themed Rosewood Pen & Pencil Set


Others like big gestures, and you can go all out and give them a gift in public.

You’ll know the giftee the best, but keep in mind that gift receiving isn’t everyone’s love language.

Following Your Engraved Pen Order in 2024

After ordering custom pens and waiting for engraving, there's enough time to think of an appropriate gift note, a presentation that highlights it, and to remind yourself of the gift etiquette.

Arizona blue fountain pen

Pascale A.

Just as occasions and festivities based on which you’ll match the presentation of your gift and colors, receivers of gifts are different.

Some love to be the center of attention, while others are introverted and shy, and they might send you thank-you cards later to show they appreciate the thought and care that went into the personalization of the gift.

Did your pen already arrive? How did you gift your pen? Let us know down in the comments or leave a review.

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