How to Make an Unforgettable Impression With Engraved Pens

By Daniel Whitehouse

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How to Make an Unforgettable Impression With Engraved Pens

By Daniel Whitehouse

Oh! Is it Christmas? Lots of bonding time and exchanging of gifts?

Or are you and your spouse soon celebrating your anniversary?

Maybe you just want to gift your employees during that end-of-year party.

Or your mom’s birthday is just around the corner.

Such occasions require you to get a gift. And not just any gift, a memorable one.

It’s easy to get stumped over what gift you could give that’ll make a lasting impression.

The solution - custom engraved pens. That’s right!

But first, a fun fact:

Did you know that the President of the United States signs vital documents with a different pen every time? He never uses the same pen twice. He then offers the pen as a gift to the staff who assisted him in creating that document. These presidential pens are engraved by the White House beforehand.

Pretty cool, right?

Today, custom engraved pens are often given out at:

  • Occasions such as anniversaries, Christmas, graduation, weddings, funerals, christenings
  • Promotional events, exhibitions
  • Deal-signing ceremonies, business meetings, and much more!

Personalized gift items allow your recipient to know that they are valued and unique. Engraved pens take this to the next level. They convey sophistication and classic elegance.

Giving your employee an engraved pen as a gift for their team effort or good conduct is an excellent way to have them feel respected and valued.

Most people have an array of pens on their desks. Are they engraved? Probably not.

A personalized pen is a gift someone will treasure even when the ink dries out. The pen ceases to be just a pen but becomes a memory. And a cherished memory at that.

Now, let’s help you make that unforgettable impression with custom engraved pens.

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Factors to Consider Before You Give Someone an Engraved Pen as a Gift

Production Time

How fast do you require your custom engraved pens?

Standard engraving is normally done within 4-5 business days. However, if you’re racing against time and you need one quickly, you can shop from the Dayspring Pens Rush Page. These pens have an engraving 1-day upgrade option available. They are shipped within 1 business day using the shipping method you have selected.

It’s advisable to keep your choice of pen simple and avoid complex designs that may make the production process longer.

It’s important to note that the production time isn’t inclusive of shipping transit time.

Waterman Expert Fountain Pen with Logo Engraving

Logo Engraving Information


The message or name engraving should always be legible. This means that the font you choose plays a big role in legibility. Using the right font ensures that all the text is engraved as sharp as possible. Issues with the ink blending during engraving are minimized as well.

At Dayspring Pens the standard engraving fonts that we use are Script, Block, and Times fonts. These fonts are used for all Parker, Waterman, Cross, and Woodmark items.

Dayspring Pens font selections

On the Woodmark Deluxe Pen and Pencil Set, the standard font is Deluxe.

Woodmark Deluxe Pen and Pencil Set

For large order quantities, corporate orders, and orders with a logo, a custom font type is used to maintain the standards of your brands.

“My recent experience with your organization exceeded our expectations in every way. Your website is informative and makes for easy ordering.  The Cross pens were of the quality and appearance that I expected.  The engraving was correct, flawless, and beautifully done. The attractive packaging was a welcome surprise. Shipping and receipt of the order were much faster than promised. All in all, we couldn’t be more pleased with our experience with Dayspring Pens.”- Peter, Wisconsin

Imprint Color

The imprint area can affect the information you choose to engrave on the new pen. So you’ll need to be cautious because too much information makes the area look messy and cluttered.

Engraving comes out better when the design of the pen is one color. Because the area is small, many colors tend to become illegible. When you settle on a design we recommend that you go for the easy-to-see colors for the engraving.

Colors such as orange, purple, or red might be difficult to see when compared with colors such as white or black. You need to ensure that whichever color you choose, your information or logo pops.

Pen Engrave Positions

Based on the shape and size of the new pen, the engraving is done on either the barrel or the cap. The standard engraving position for Dayspring Pens is on the broad side of the cap. It’s visible when held by a right-handed person.

Pen Engrave Positions

Is your recipient left-handed? You don’t need to fret. We’ve got you covered. You can request to get a customized one fit for a left-handed person.

What to Engrave on a Pen

Now that you’ve chosen your perfect pen for your recipient, what’s next?

What message will you engrave? Here are a few ideas to set the ball rolling.

You can engrave:

  • Text. Think phone number, company name, website, and inspirational quotes. You can include a sentimental message such as “Best Mom In The World”. If the pen is a wedding gift you can have it engraved “Father of the Bride” or “Lynn Weds Sam 2020”.
  • Names, Initials, Dates, slogan or tagline, and such.  To help create a pleasant tone for your brand, a statement such as “Thanks For Your Business” goes a long way. The text could also be specific to an occasion like “The Jackson’s Family Reunion 2021”. Or business-specific like, “Play By The Rules, But Be Ferocious”.
  • Logo. Keep it simple when using custom engraved pens. If your logo is too detailed, you’d rather opt for text-only or clip emblems.
personalized waterman expert ballpoint pen
  • Custom Signatures - Want to make your gift even more special? Engraving a signature is a sure way to achieve this. You can simply get a copy of your recipient’s signature and have it engraved on the cap. Cross Century II, Waterman Expert, and Cross Townsend are popular with signature engraving.
Cross Townsend Fountain Pen with Engraving

“I cannot say enough about their customer service. We had pens get lost in the mail, and it wasn't discovered until 13 hours before an event was to be held. I was able to get Customer Service on the phone quickly. Dayspring Pens was able to engrave the pens I needed and immediately hand them to their UPS driver. I strongly recommend them! - Gabriela, New York

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Get Your Engraved Pen Today

Whether it’s for a political campaign, company, loved one, or special event, custom engraved pens are bound to make an unforgettable impression.

At Dayspring Pens, we understand the significance of using a customized pen during special moments and everyday occasions.

We know that everyone deserves a high-quality pen whichever the occasion and use.

Writing is an art and it should be treated as such with the ‘write’ instruments (get it?).

That's why we offer you a wide range of elegant, meaningful, and customized pens.

Buy the perfect gift today.

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Daniel Whitehouse is the President and CEO of Dayspring Pens. He uses his expertise with premium writing utensils to create exceptional, intentional products and craft easy-to-understand articles that help both new and experienced users learn more about their writing tools. He lives in Virginia where he and his wife are raising their four children.

To learn more about him and his insights about custom engraved gift pens, follow Daniel on LinkedIn.

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