The 3 Reasons Why I Only Write With a Stylus Pen

By Daniel Whitehouse

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The 3 Reasons Why I Only Write With a Stylus Pen

By Daniel Whitehouse

I was once a typo queen with a perpetually filthy screen.

When my students were in their final year of high school, I did everything in my power to support them. Thus, my laptop, iPad, and cell phone were all switched on 24/7, and I was on high alert. I insisted on replying to my students’ concerns as soon as possible. But my fingers didn’t follow my thoughts.

Over the course of my day, students sent me their completed work. Every spelling mistake was an affront to my eyes. I was persistent in correcting them, mostly through my cell phone. At the time, I had no idea what a stylus was.

One day, I received an email from one of my students.

“Why did I get a lower grade for making spelling mistakes when you do it all the time?”

The student was perhaps a little bold, but he spoke the truth all the same. It jolted me into looking up the messages and tasks I had previously sent them.

In nearly every message I had made at least one spelling mistake.

I needed to do something about this! I’m a language teacher! I’m supposed to set a good example in writing for my students. Typos are not an option.

My new method was to reread every single message over and over again before I sent it. It helped a little bit, but my messages still weren’t meticulous.

Enter my ultimate solution:

A Stylus Saves the Day

Cross Tech2 Chrome Stylus Pen
Cross Tech2 Chrome Stylus Pen


I started searching on the internet for a solution to my problem. Nearly all of my searches referred to the same tool - a stylus!

Types of Stylus

A stylus is a pen-like tool that is specially made for electronic devices. The main purpose of the stylus is to write and draw on electronic documents with accuracy and a bit more grace.

There are two types of stylus pens.

Active Stylus

An active stylus is a little bigger than a regular pen, containing internal electronic components. Features include pressure sensitivity, memory, and electronic erasers. Pressure sensitivity allows finer and thicker lines, depending on the pressure you apply to a device.

There’s also a feature called palm rejection. You can put your hand on the screen while writing without interference.

Passive Stylus (aka Capacitive Stylus)

A passive stylus is usually a little smaller and doesn’t contain electronic components. This type of stylus cannot connect to your device. You can use it on any touch screen that will also register your fingerprint.

Which Stylus Pen?

My next question was whether I could use one stylus for both my cell phone and iPad.

While Apple offers its own Apple pen for both iPad and iPhone, there is a whole world of stylus pens that work as well. My ultimate goal was to improve my digital writing experience with my pen choice. But I also wanted something that had a real ballpoint tip in order to switch between digital writing and writing on paper.

So I got the Cross Tech3, and it's been perfect for me!

Advantages of a Stylus Pen

Here are the 3 reasons I will never look back after switching to a stylus pen:

1. Avoid Typos at Any Cost

My mission was to have a stylus pen because it’s incredibly easy to use. You gain a better overview of the keyboard and the typing is faster and more precise. Your fingers can easily navigate, zoom, and click the content.

When it comes to typing or writing accurately, you need a stylus pen. There’s no chance of pressing two buttons at the same time (this always happened to me).

Everyone has to jot something down on their tablet once in a while. A stylus pen is a perfect sleek substitute for the fingerprint on any screen. My lettering is now legible since I started using pens for iPad. 

It is so easy to embrace styluses in the age of touch screens.

Today, I’ve got a few stylus pens in my collection. They work for Android as well as iOS devices. 

Plus, I can always reconcile the world of papers and screens in a single pen. It has a regular ballpoint tip on one side and a stylus tip on the other.

2. No More Smudgy Screens

By using a stylus, you can easily avoid fingerprint smudges on your screen.

Answering the phone with dirty, greasy, or wet hands is avoidable with a stylus pen.

Once I was washing my hands while my cell phone rang next to me. I cast a look. It was my kid’s teacher.

I grabbed a towel, but I couldn’t sufficiently dry my hands fast enough. I picked up my phone and tried to answer, but nothing happened. My fingertips were too wet for the screen to register. It stopped ringing.

At that moment, I wished I'd had a solution, and a stylus would have been a great option. Is it easier to just grab a pen or to lose calls because you’re too busy drying your hands and cleaning your screen?

Think of a stylus pen like using utensils when you eat - it just makes mealtimes that much more convenient. 

As everybody hates smudges on their clothes, I equally hate seeing them on my devices. Apart from not looking nice, smudges diminish device sensitivity.

The next issue is germs on the screen. I’ve noticed that sometimes I need to scratch my face in the middle of typing. Now, imagine how many germs I can avoid if I use, for example, an ATM with my stylus pens!

3. Enjoy Neat Coloring

If your writing is neat and precise, think about how easy coloring and drawing can be.

There are so many apps for coloring. It’s relaxing, especially if you use different iPad pens. The rubber tip of stylus pens offers a great sensitivity while coloring.

Not everyone is worried about typos. Especially if you write in your first language. There are so many tools that can correct your typos automatically. You can even choose the dialect you like.

Still, when you’re coloring the point is not to color outside the lines. If you choose to use styluses for your iPad, the precision of the lines will be perfect. In that way, coloring on the device can be way more fun than coloring on paper. The same goes for sketching and other artistic endeavors.

Go the Stylus Pen Route

Styluses are my favorite discovery. Since I started using them, they have become my best friends for digital writing. I already have a lot of pens in my house, but I started to collect styluses as well. These products have become a part of my everyday life.

And do you know what? After committing to styluses, I retired my crown of “typo queen”. Now, I have the right to frown at other people's typos, because I know the secret. My secret is a stylus.

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