7 Best Cross Ballpoint Pens (2023)

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7 Best Cross Ballpoint Pens (2023)

If you're in search of a Cross ballpoint pen, but don't know which one is best for you, we want to help!

Cross is a popular, high-quality pen products brand with a number of classic pen designs. We, at the Dayspring Pens shop, are the largest vendor of Cross pens, and our service goal is to help every customer find the perfect pen for them.

Cross's ballpoints are a lot more popular than their pens with other writing tip models like fountain pens and rollerballs, so in order to assist each customer shopping for Cross ballpoints, we've compiled a list of the top 7 ballpoint pens based off popularity, price, and key design features.

Be sure to explore our other ranking lists for the overall best Cross pens and Cross gold pens.

Here's the short version for the ballpoint pens:

Let's take a closer look; in this list, I'll offer some helpful information on each pen, one by one.

The 7 Best Cross Ballpoint Pens

7.) The Townsend in Black Lacquer and 23k Gold Appointments

Number 7 in our list of the cross ballpoint pens is Townsend.

The black Townsend is a fine Cross ballpoint pen. While it certainly doesn't come with a low price tag, the high-quality construction materials and iconic design paired with the signature Cross ballpoint refill results in the pen-of-choice for numerous Presidents of the United States.

It's the type of pen that says, "I've got the money; I've got the time."

Here's a short list of the Townsend's main features:
  • Twist-action ballpoint
  • High gloss black lacquer barrel and 23 kt gold appointments with black ink
  • Ships in a deluxe Cross gift box
  • Personalization appears gold
  • Lifetime Mechanical Warranty
  • Perfect for career milestones, birthdays, anniversaries, and promotions

6.) The Bailey Medalist

Number 6 in the list of Cross ballpoint pens is the Bailey Medalist ballpoint pen.

The Bailey medalist is one of the more recognizable Cross pens in chrome and gold; you can probably even find one of these pens in Office Depot.

A medium Cross ballpoint pen like this is one of the bang for your buck buys: it's got a lot of class for not too much cash.

These pens not only make great personal daily writing pens, but they also make fine promotional items.

See if the Bailey is right for you with some information on its main features:
  • Twist-action medium-sized pen barrel with ballpoint tip
  • oil-based black ink
  • Takes standard Cross ballpoint refills
  • Polished chrome body and 23 kt gold-plated appointments with black ink
  • Ships in a premium Cross black gift box
  • Engraving shows brass
  • Lifetime Mechanical Warranty
  • Perfect for colleagues, corporate logos, birthdays, and congratulations

5.) The Tech3+—Satin Black

Next, the 5th best Cross ballpoint pen is the Tech3+ in satin black

The Tech3+ isn't strictly a ballpoint; it's a multi-functional pen featuring two different ballpoint tips—one black, one red—along with a 0.7mm mechanical pencil tip.

With a twist of the barrel, the different writing tips retract in and out consecutively.

Above all the other Cross ballpoint pens, the Tech3+ is the type of writing instrument crafted with innovators and progress-oriented thinkers in mind.

It's also a staff favorite at Dayspring Pens and my personal pen of choice for my crossword puzzle, especially because of its fine tip ballpoint.

I give this multi-functional pen 5 stars!
Here's the breakdown:
  • Black ink ballpoint, red ink editing pen, 0.5 mm pencil with eraser, and stylus tip all in one finely crafted design
  • Twist-action, medium-sized barrel in satin black finish
  • Ships ready to give in a Cross pen gift box
  • Laser engraving shows silver
  • Lifetime Mechanical Warranty
  • Also available in red, blue, frosty steel, chrome, and gold
  • Gift for student, graduate, editor, educator, or crossword puzzle enthusiasts 

4.) The Coventry Chrome Ballpoint Pen

Cross Pens Coventry Chrome Ballpoint Pen

Coming in fourth in our list of Cross ballpoint pens is the Coventry ballpoint pen.

Unlike any other brand, Cross ballpoint pens span a wide price range from below $30 to well above $600.

The Coventry ballpoint is at the lower extreme of that spectrum; it offers the most accessible entry point into the world of fine luxury pens.

Only available as a ballpoint pen or a ballpoint and mechanical pencil set in Chrome, this item has the feel of a reliable, expensive pen without the sometimes ludicrous cost.

It is best for corporate gifting to your professionals.

The Coventry has:
  • Medium sized twist-action Cross ballpoint pen
  • Compatible with standard Cross ballpoint refills and 0.7mm lead
  • Available in Black, Red, or Blue finishes with chrome appointments
  • Comes in a basic two-piece Cross brand gift box 
  • Lifetime Mechanical Warranty by Cross 
  • Popular gift for women, men, graduation, administrative assistants, and corporate orders with a logo

3.) The Classic Century in Chrome

The number three Cross ballpoint pen is the Classic Century chrome ballpoint pen.

The Classic Century Cross ballpoint pen is unequivocally the most iconic Cross pen with a low profile, slim barrel, and textured etching. Its a small pen jam packed with some classic style.

The feel of the medium point tip gives delightfully smooth writing.

This pen offers a large variety of color finishes and writing styles to select from. See it with gold appointments, satin black finishes, 14k rose gold, translucent blue lacquer. Heck, there is more variety than an episode of the Gong Show.

Cross also offers a Chrome Classic Century pen and pencil set. It comes with 0.7 mm lead and an eraser under the cap. The ballpoint pen is compatible with the standard Cross ink refill. Click here for more on Cross pen and pencil sets.

What makes the Classic Century a classic:
  • Twist-action ballpoint
  • Lustrous chrome finish with black ink
  • Ships in a premium Cross gift box
  • Custom engraving shows light brass
  • Lifetime Mechanical Warranty by Cross
  • Classic, affordable gift for men, women, corporate orders, employee appreciation, and graduation

2.) The Calais in Chrome

Next, the #2 Cross ballpoint pen is the chrome Calais ballpoint pen

This is far and away the best selling pen we have at Dayspring.

Why? Because this ballpoint pen was made to be a perfect middle of the road pen - the perfect size for text and logo engraving, a medium barrel to fit any hand, and medium point black ink refills for a consistent line.

Different lacquer finishes from red to black are available at the same affordable price of $28.34. Quantity discounts will get an even lower price.

It can be a hard search to find ballpoint pens that are made for everyone, but the Calais has the best results.

Here's some info on the main features of the Calais:
  • Twist action ballpoint
  • Lustrous chrome finish with black writing ink
  • Comes in a Cross pen gift box
  • Personalization appears as a light brass
  • Lifetime Mechanical Warranty
  • Great gift for men, women, graduation, business, and corporate orders with a logo

1.) The Century II in Black Lacquer and 23k Gold Appointments

The #1 pen to close out our list of Cross ballpoint pens is the Cross Century II. This Cross ballpoint pen is about as delightful as you can get.

Somewhere between the Classic Century and the Townsend, the Century II blends the low profile and elegant lines of one with the pronounced cap and professional finishes of the other.

The oil-based ink tip of the ballpoint refill offers almost the same writing experience as the select tip rollerball so every signature and jotted note feels quality.

The timeless, classy Century II has the perfect weight for comfort without feeling hollow or cheap and the finishes are chef's kiss.

Honestly, this Cross ballpoint pen gets you exactly what you pay for...excellence.

Key features of the Century II:
  • Twist-action ballpoint
  • Glossy black lacquer finish and 23 kt gold-plated appointments with black ink
  • Ships in a premium Cross pen gift box
  • Personalized engraving shows gold
  • Lifetime Mechanical Warranty
  • Great gift for men, women, career milestone, promotion, birthday, and anniversaries


That's our rankings for the best Cross ballpoints out there. We at Dayspring Pens spend quite a lot of time with Cross products and are excited to share the information we have learned.

Cross craft historic pens whose classic style and consistent service make them well earn the title of professionalism they built their brand on.

Now it's your turn!

Let us know in the comments which Cross ballpoints you prefer!


@BelindaBonilla Sorry to hear you are having a hard time getting in touch with Cross. If it is any help, we sell Ballpoint, Rollerball, and Fountain Pen Refills for Cross.

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I love Cross Pens. Abd have several.

The only problem is you cannot get refills. You cannot even get in contact with the A T. Cross manufacturer.

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