Can a Left-Handed Person Get Their Pen Engraved?

Can a Left-Handed Person Get Their Pen Engraved?

Can a Left-Handed Person Get Their Pen Engraved?


At Dayspring Pens, we engrave for both righties and lefties!

Taking a Closer Look at Left-Handed Engraving

It should be noted that our eye is "trained" to look for decoration in the standard location. The image below shows our default location for engraving, and the direction of that engraving.

Top Pen: Calais Chrome Ballpoint with standard engraving Bottom: Calais Chrome ballpoint with left orientation engraving

The top image shows the standard engraving location and direction. This is appropriate for both right and left handed people, not just right handed. Why? Again because we are trained to look for decoration in the location shown on the top image, regardless of whether the user is right or left handed. It is not necessary therefore for the engraving be done differently for left-handed people.

However some people prefer that the engraving be done in the opposite side of the pen and in the opposite direction so that a left handed person can read it when in use. The image on the bottom shows how we engrave for a left handed person. This is done only by request, and it is available on most but not all pens. (Pens that have grooves or lines in the barrel can not be engraved on the back side). When a pen is engraved as shown in the bottom image, it can appear backward or upside down to a righty!

If you need a gift pen for a left handed person, just request that it be engraved for left handed person, and we will engrave in the direction and location shown in the bottom image.

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