The 5 Best Waterman Rollerball Pens

By Samantha Di Nardo

Waterman rollerball pens

The 5 Best Waterman Rollerball Pens

By Samantha Di Nardo

Today, I am going to break down the top 5 Waterman rollerball pens and some sweet hacks to make these pens your most used writing instruments.

First, let's break down what you get when you get a Waterman rollerball pen. Then, we will tackle the top 5 Waterman designs for rollerball pens. Last, we will go into my list of hacks for a Waterman rollerball pen to make it your go-to custom brand.

Let's get rolling!

Waterman Rollerball Pens

When it comes to name brand pens like Waterman, sometimes different designs really do matter in terms of the writing quality of the pen. (This is particularly true of fountain pens where the more expensive pens will feature better quality nibs.)

When you pay for a more expensive fountain pen, you are ideally getting the best writing experience possible with pure gold nibs and hand-tooling.

Unlike the fountain pen, the ballpoint and rollerball pen tend to have the exact same ink refills from pen to pen. That means the same ink writing experience will occur from the highest price item to the lowest price item.

Every Waterman rollerball pen will feature the Waterman rollerball ink refill in black.

And this is not to knock the Waterman rollerball gel ink refills. They are, in fact, quite a good ink refill whether you choose to use the fine or the medium point.

The writing is smooth with very limited skipping, fast dry time, and none of the headache of liquid ink which can dry out inside the pen too quickly if the cap is left off.

And the two ink color choices are solid: a nice inky black and their trademark Mysterious Blue.

With that in mind, you might be thinking: what's the point of paying for a more premium, expensive Waterman pen if they all have the same writing mechanism?

What makes a pen?

Ultimately, how the ink flows out of the tip of the pen is just one small factor in how well a pen actually writes.

Especially with rollerballs, factors like the size of the pen, the weight, the shape, the finish all play important roles in preventing hand cramps and ensuring a long-lasting, comfortable jot.

The other major price factor is the materials used to make the pen. An entry level Waterman pen will not have the same quality of materials in the construction and finery as the higher end product lines.

Waterman pens are a timeless brand with a design aesthetic that always says classic, refined, elegant.

The question with a Waterman rollerball isn't will it write well. That fact is table stakes. The question is which Waterman design will fit me best?

To answer that question, I am going to enter into the world of Waterman pens and discuss my top five favorite products from Waterman to help you find the perfect Waterman rollerball for your needs.

The Top 5 Waterman Rollerball Pens Lines

Here's the shortlist:

5.) The Allure 
4.) The Carène
3.) The Perspective
2.) The Hemisphere
1.) The Exception

Let's take a more in-depth look at each of these great rollerball pens!

5.) The Allure Rollerball

Starting off at number 5 is the Waterman Allure.

Why I like this pen? It is far and away the most cost friendly Waterman pen with the widest selection of color choices, designed to be an easy go-to pen for anyone.

A slimmer medium body makes it easy for pockets and purses, and the silver trim against the straight lines of the pen feels stylish and contemporary.

Waterman also released a Pastels selection of the Allure that just feels extra Parisian (like I'm strolling down the street in Coco Before Chanel).

Features of the Allure Waterman rollerball pen:

  • All metal construction for durability
  • Color selection ranges from satin matte black to pastel pink
  • It hovers around a whopping $19.20
  • Fine point, black ink

4.) The Carène Black Sea Rollerball

Next up! The Carène (aka a little nautical adventure in a pen).

The Waterman Carène was designed to evoke sailing on a yacht in the Mediterranean. Does that sound pretentious? 100%. Does it still look insanely cool? 100%.

I love the sleek curved lines and wave-like appointments of the Carène. Waterman made a unique design makes a bold statement about your personal style without rocking the boat.

Things to note about the Carène:

  • High gloss lacquer finishes
  • Precious metal appointments such as 23k gold trim
  • Medium barreled, cigar shape
  • Price point around $200

P.S. If you are a fan of liquid ink take a look at the Carène fountain pen. The nib design is next level.

3.) The Perspective Rollerball

Coming in as my number three, the Waterman Perspective Rollerball (aka Modern, Geometric, Precision).

First off, the Waterman Perspective has a cylindrical body from top to bottom that makes it feel incredibly modern.

The simplicity of the cylinder barrel makes it comfortable to grip in all locations and draws special attention to the detailing work on this rollerball pen.

A wide banding is the perfect medium for the elaborate geometric patterning that makes the Perspective a sculptural pen.

It's also one of the heavier Waterman pens, so if you like some heft, this is a great option.

What to know about the Perspective:

  • Medium barrel, weighty balance
  • Price around $160
  • Cap rollerball pen
  • 23k gold trim
  • all metal materials construction

2.) The Hemisphere Rollerball

A woman writes with a Waterman Hemisphere rollerball pen

Second to last on the list is the infamous Waterman Hemisphere rollerball. This pen pops up on best seller and staff favorite lists alike because it is the best all-around pen from Waterman in my opinion. 

Slimmer bodied while still having a modicum of heft, the Hemisphere is a timeless pen that will get the job done day or night.

It is a simple yet tasteful design, available in standard high gloss black finish as well as stainless steel with gold and silver trim.

The price on the Hemisphere won't break the bank, but won't make you feel like you just opted for the cheapest thing available.

What's great about the Hemisphere:

  • fine point writing
  • cap can be posted on rollerball pen
  • Price starts around $70
  • Includes three year Waterman mechanical guarantee

1.) The Exception Rollerball

Waterman Exception Ballpoint pen with signature engraving resting on a green hardcover book

And last, but certainly never the least, the Waterman Exception.

This is the most premium of the Waterman Pen lines, and honestly, I was prepared to file this pen in the "overpriced for what you get" category. But oh my, was I wrong.

The Waterman Exception is far and away my personal favorite Waterman product.

In terms of design, the Exception is a square pen, which is insanely cool and unique. It's elegant and makes a statement, but doesn't look so flashy you don't want to use it.

It's the details of this pen that show its true excellence. The satisfaction of the cap clicking into place, the perfect balance, the weight that requires almost no pressure to create a smooth writing line...

Features of the Exception:

  • Square body that meets at a perfectly sized grip
  • Precious metal material trim
  • Fine point liquid ink refill
  • Price around $300

Hacks for Using a Waterman Rollerball Pen

Now, I just want to share a couple of tips I have learned along the way when it comes to Waterman.

Swap the Ink Refill

Just like every pen brand and design is unique, so not all ink is made alike. If you find you do not particularly enjoy the Waterman ink refill or you are ready to replace a depleted cartridge, you can actually fit different brands of ink refills in Waterman rollerball pens.

The Waterman rollerball pen is compatible with the Pilot G2 rollerball refill. So no need to search for only the Waterman brand refills unless you want to. If you love how a Pilot rollerball writes, but want the body of a luxury pen, you can have it.

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Add Custom Engraving

The other trick to getting the most out of your Waterman rollerball pen is to add personalized engraving.

Dayspring Pens offers a free line of custom text engraving with any Waterman items, available with same day shipping for special rush order shopping.

This makes the pen completely unique to you. You can even get a handwritten engraving or design. (I specially engraved a handwritten note on a Waterman Hemisphere Rollerball as a Father's Day gift for my husband so I highly recommend this!). 


Happy Father's Day Waterman Hemisphere Rollerball



Waterman rollerball pens are excellently crafted pens that will last a lifetime if you choose the right one for your needs.

I hope this article has helped break down which pen lines are the best and given you some ideas for your shopping.

For more on what makes Waterman pens special check out my article on the top 5 all around Waterman pens.

And feel free to peruse Dayspring Pens site to see our selection of Waterman rollerball pens.

But it's your turn now: which Waterman rollerball pen do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!

Sam Di Nardo

Sam Di Nardo is an author for Dayspring Pens, where she has honed her expertise in ballpoint, rollerball, gel and fountain pens since joining the team in 2018.

From her initial role as an Engraver to becoming the Production Manager, Sam's journey has been marked by her passion for the history, manufacturing, and the unique value of gifted writing instruments.

A graduate of Regent University with a degree in English Literature and a special interest in Old Norse literature, dive deeper into Sam's world and discover why she's your trusted guide in the realm of gift pens.

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@Ed It is the same diameter as the Expert Fountain Pen. They caps are actually interchangeable, so if the Expert FP fits your fingers well so will the Rollerball.

Samantha Di Nardo

How does the Waterman Expert rollerball compare? I have the Expert fountain and ball point pen, the wider barrel fits my fingers perf,


I’m still trying to identify my 2 Waterman rollerball/ballpoint pens….

If I have pictures of them, would someone please be able to verify what models they are?

Thank you!

Tim Jenkins

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