How Much Do Ballpoint Pens Cost

By Samantha Di Nardo

Cheap and Luxury Ballpoints

How Much Do Ballpoint Pens Cost

By Samantha Di Nardo

How much do ballpoint pens cost? No matter where you go, you’re guaranteed to see ballpoints: in a classroom, boardroom, office, and even at the mechanic’s workshop.

They are so popular because they are convenient, effective, and affordable.

And yet, luxury ballpoint pen brands also exist, that are vastly different from the familiar BIC Stic.

In this article, I am going to cover different aspects about the cost of ballpoint pens, including:

Let’s explore the world of ballpoint pens to discover what goes into pricing these writing tools.

Cost of a Ballpoint Pen

Ballpoint pen prices average from $1 to $400+. The type of materials, design features, production methods, and brand name all affect whether a pen is budget-friendly or high-end.

Cost of a Ballpoint Pen Infographic

Materials Used

Plastic is far and away the most common and cheapest material used in ballpoint pens.

Stainless steel pens have a higher price point than plastic ones.

When manufacturers include precious metals such as gold for decorative trims, the cost of the pens goes up even more.

The quality of the materials in turn impacts the durability of the pens. Those made of premium materials last longer and therefore are more valuable than their plastic counterparts.

Production Methods

While mass produced pens lie on the lower end of the scale, premium pens are made through precision engineering and handcrafting, making them expensive.


Luxury pens often feature intricate designs or decorative elements, contributing to their higher costs.

In contrast, cheap pens focus more on functionality rather than aesthetics. Their low price tag enables them to be sold in bulk or as promotional items.

Brand Names

Additionally, brands with a longstanding heritage such as Waterman sell their pens at a premium. Their quality reputation, recognition by customers and commitment to research and improving their products results in high priced pens.

Waterman Ballpoint Pen Collection at Dayspring Pens

Find Your Waterman Ballpoint

Expert Tip: If you’re buying a ballpoint from a physical store, test each option that interests you before making a purchase. This enables you to gauge how they feel in your hands as well as the consistency of the ink flow.

Let’s now look at some of our top picks that you can consider when shopping for ballpoint pens.

Budget-friendly Options

Cheap ballpoint pens go for $1-$30.

On the lowest end of the scale are the pens you see everywhere like the BIC Cristal. These ballpoints are made of cheap materials such as plastic and mass produced in factories which leads to the low prices.

BIC Cristal

A 500 pack of BIC pens costs about $60, making each pen $.12.

Higher up the scale of affordable ballpoints you will find pens made of durable materials like metal with massive increases in the aesthetic appeal of the pens with unique design features like lacquer finishes and more precious mechanisms.

A great example of these pens is our top pick: the Monroe.

Still in the affordable bracket, the Dayspring Pens Monroe Black Ballpoint combines form and function, delightful both to use and look at.

Dayspring Pens Monroe Black Ballpoint Pen GP-1316

The Monroe isn’t all about aesthetics, though. It is incredibly comfortable in your hand thanks to the rubber grip that keeps the pen from slipping as you write.

What’s more, the sturdy metal construction gives you years of service. And since it’s refillable, you’ll be using this ballpoint for a long time.


Mid-Range Options

Mid-range ballpoint pens cost around $30-$50. They are made of more durable materials than the budget options and usually by brands with a long heritage of pen making.

Here are our favorite pens in this category: The Jotter.

Few pens stand out in the ballpoint realm like the Parker Jotter. Its classic streamlined design consisting of a sleek barrel with a click action cap is immediately recognizable by pen enthusiasts worldwide.

Parker Jotter Gel Pen Stainless Steel Gold Trim GP-1438

Carrying Parker’s legacy for over six decades, the Jotter is a reliable writing instrument for all kinds of situations: signing checks, taking notes, or even grading your students’ papers.

The pen’s high-quality Quink delivers a smooth, consistent writing experience with no skipping or hard starts. Being a refillable ballpoint, you simply replace the cartridge when the ink runs out. Look no further for an affordable yet sustainable pen!

Equally impressive is the Jotter’s durability. Engineered to last, its stainless steel body holds up exceptionally well to the wear and tear of daily use.


Premium Options

Luxury pens typically range from $100-$400+. They are preferred by C-suite executives and captains of industry for the opulence they exude.

For those instances where you want to go all out, luxury ballpoint pens are the best choice. Whether your aim is to make a statement in the boardroom or impress your doctor friend with a gift befitting their status, there’s a premium pen for every occasion.

When it comes to luxury pens, the Waterman Expert Black Ballpoint Pen exudes a weight of elegance. Its gloss lacquer perfectly complemented by the gold trim provides an opulent aesthetic that reflects the refined taste of its owner.

Waterman Expert Black Ballpoint Pen - Gold trim GP-561

The Waterman Expert’s premium construction reflects in the comfortable cigar-shaped body which feels well balanced, and turns writing from drab to enjoyable. Also, the twist action cap glides smoothly to extend or retract the pen’s tip.

You’ll love writing with the Expert as it produces clear strokes with minimal effort. The consistent ink flow makes hard starts a thing of the past, elevating your writing experience.

Moreover, you’ll be using this ballpoint for years.

For a ballpoint pen that combines luxurious aesthetics with impeccable performance, try the Waterman Expert today.


The table below compares the main features of the ballpoint pens we’ve discussed:

Pen Model Design Materials Price Range
Dayspring Pens Monroe Black Sleek black barrel with chrome accents Stainless steel, gold $26
Parker Jotter Waterloo Blue Iconic streamlined design with arrow-shaped clip Stainless steel, chrome $20-$35
Cross Calais Ballpoint Pen- Lustrous Chrome Art Deco style with medium barrel Stainless steel, chrome $30-$40
Waterman Expert Black Elegant black lacquered finish with chrome accents Metal, gold $150-$160

The Appeal of Custom Ballpoint Pens

What’s the big deal with personalized ballpoint pens?

Such a pen allows you to express your personality and taste. By choosing an engraving font that reflects your character, you give people a sneak peek into what makes you tick.

Custom pens come through as perfect gifts on special days. Whether your friend or family member is celebrating their birthday, anniversary, graduation, or promotion, you can’t go wrong with an engraved pen as a present.

It shows a thoughtfulness that makes the gift sentimental to the recipient as they remember you whenever they use the pen.

In corporate settings, pens engraved with a company’s logo reinforces the brand’s recognition among clients.

They are also excellent gifts for bosses, colleagues, and new employees.


The cost of ballpoint pens varies greatly, depending on the quality of materials, aesthetic, manufacturing methods, and brand reputation.

This means that no matter your preferences, you’ll find a pen that suits your budget and personal style. Dayspring Pens offers a wide range of quality ballpoint pens at different price points, so be sure to check out our collection to find your next favorite piece.

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From her initial role as an Engraver to becoming the Production Manager, Sam's journey has been marked by her passion for the history, manufacturing, and the unique value of gifted writing instruments.

A graduate of Regent University with a degree in English Literature and a special interest in Old Norse literature, dive deeper into Sam's world and discover why she's your trusted guide in the realm of gift pens.

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